Primary election in House District 58

April 30, 2014
District 58 was formerly represented by Bob Jenson (R) who did not seek reelection.  Two Republicans and one Democrat have filed as candidates: Greg Barreto (R), John Turner (R), and Heidi Van Schoonhoven (D).
Greg Barreto participated actively in the OFIR and Protect Oregon Driver Licenses campaign, collecting many signatures for the referendum on SB 833.  The referendum was successful and will be on the ballot in November giving citizens the opportunity to vote NO to SB 833, a harmful bill that would give official driver privileges and driver cards to illegal aliens.
He replied to the Oregon Abigail Adams Voter Education Project’s questionnaire, which included 3 questions related to immigration:
15.  Do you support AUTOMATICALLY registering people to vote using DMV data?    No
17.  Do you support requiring proof of eligibility when registering to vote?    Yes
32.  Do you support mandating all Oregon employers to use the federal E-Verify system to determine the employee's work eligibility status?    Yes 
Greg Barreto’s campaign website is at:  www.barretoforhd58.    You can contact Barreto at:  He is CEO of Barreto Manufacturing, Inc. which makes professional lawn and garden equipment, a business he built up himself that now employs over 75 workers.
According to an article in the East Oregonian, at a recent meeting of candidates, Ken Matlack, the sheriff of Morrow County, which is in House District 57, asked about the state law granting driver cards to undocumented residents, mentioning that the Oregon sheriff’s association opposes the law.
Barreto said he was against it as well, because it would hamper law enforcement and shows the federal government is not taking care of the illegal immigrant issue.
However, candidate Turner spoke in favor of Senate Bill 833, (driver cards for illegal aliens), and said the agriculture, logging and transport industries want voters to pass it.  “It’s a means so people can work,” Turner said. “As long as it’s not a path to citizenship, I’m for it.”
Evidently Turner doesn’t think it matters whether the “people” he refers to are legal workers or not.
John Turner is a retired Marine Corps Colonel and former president of Blue Mountain Community College.  His campaign website is at:  There is a section on Issues, but no mention of immigration.
Supporters of SB 833 are endorsing John Turner (R).  He is endorsed by these area legislators who voted for SB 833:  Representative Greg Smith (R-H57) and Senator Bill Hansell (R-S29).  Rep. Smith also voted for HB 4054, the bill to change the ballot title of the referendum on SB 833.
Retiring Representative Bob Jenson (R), who is endorsing Turner also, was an enthusiastic supporter of SB 833; he voted for it and he also voted for HB 4054, the bill to change the ballot title for the referendum on SB 833.  The changed ballot title which he and Rep. Smith supported would have hidden the real effect of the bill, confusing voters unfamiliar with the issue.
Voters should contact candidate Turner and try to elicit more information about his views on immigration.  His campaign email address is:
Heidi Van Schoonhoven is the only candidate in the Democratic primary.  She is a small business owner and a graduate of Lewis & Clark College with a degree in theater and a master’s degree from Marylhurst University in art therapy.  Contact her at:  She does not have a website and no information on her immigration views was found.