Oregon House candidates replies to OAAVEP questions


Immigration-related questions in the 2016 Oregon Abigail Adams Voter Education Project survey for Oregon House candidates were:
19. Do you support restricting the "emergency clause" in legislation as true emergencies?
22. Do you support a constitutional amendment to require proof of U.S. citizenship to register to vote in Oregon?
36. Do you support requiring all Oregon employers to use the federal E-Verify system to determine the employee's work eligibility status?
42. How would you propose screening war refugees to prevent potential terrorists from entering Oregon with them?
HD 1    Tamie Kaufman (L) -  incumbent candidate, Wayne Krieger (R)
19.[restrict emergency clause] Yes. “definitely”   22.[citizenship to vote] Yes.   36.[E-Verify] No.   42.[how screen refugees] “Immigration/refugees are a federal responsibility, therefore the federal government should be handling the screening and placement of the refuges.”
HD 5   Steven Richie (R) – open seat (formerly Peter Buckley, D)
19. [restrict emergency clause] Yes. “Absolutely!”    22. [citizenship to vote] Yes.   36. [E-Verify] Yes.   42. [how screen refugees] Did not reply. 
HD 8   Incumbent candidate, Paul Holvey (D)
Mary M. Tucker (R)
19. [restrict emergency clause]  No.   22. [citizenship to vote] Yes.   36. [E-Verify] Yes.    42. [how screen refugees]  “There is no safe way to do so.”
Martha A. Sherwood (L)
19. [restrict emergency clause] Decline. “not enough information to decide.” 22. [citizenship to vote] No.    36. [E-Verify] No.    42. [how screen refugees] “I would oppose any screening mechanism at the state level, first, because it is not the business of the state to restrict movement of people who are legally in the US, and a direct violation of the US Constitution, and second, because screening mechanisms are liable to corruption and typically fail in their task.”
HD 10 Thomas M. Donahue (R) – incumbent candidate, David Gomberg (D)
19. [restrict emergency clause] Yes. “Absolutely.”      22. [citizenship to vote] Yes, Providing proof of our identities is common-place throughout our society.  This should be mandatory.”   36.  [E-Verify]  Yes.  “Seems perfectly constitutional to me.”  42. [how screen refugees]  “We are at war with an aggressive ideology that wants to destroy this country. We must have an accurate paper trail of origin and intentions for all refuges who intend to come to Oregon. No exceptions!! We can't take a chance. We are at war at this time.”
HD 15 Cynthia Hyatt (Progressive) – incumbent candidate, Andy Olson (R)
19. [restrict emergency clause] Yes.     22. [citizenship to vote] Yes.   36. [E-Verify]  No.   42. [how screen refugees] “Referring to the website, foreignpolicy.com, I think what they are doing is very thorough. In order to be considered for resettlement in the US, refugees must come from a country different from their country of origin and they must be referred by that country. They have their documents verified and an iris scan. I think maybe adding a DNA database could improve the system.”
HD 16  Incumbent candidate, Dan Rayfield (D)
Judson McClure (R) 
19. [restrict emergency clause] Decline.   22. [citizenship to vote] No.    36. [E-Verify] No.    42. [how screen refugees] “Other than individuals with family or sponsors already here, I do not support accepting a large number of refugees from war-torn nations.”
Andrew Freborg (L)
19. [restrict emergency clause] Yes. “Too many bills are passed under the emergency clause preventing the people from holding a referendum on them.”     22. [citizenship to vote] Yes.  “If you are not a citizen you should not be allowed to vote.”  36. [E-Verify] Yes.   42. [how screen refugees] “That is a job for the federal government. Once the feds have deemed them not a threat they should be allowed to settle wherever they wish.”
HD 17 Jeffrey D. Goodwin (I) -  incumbent candidate, Sherrie Sprenger (R)
19. [restrict emergency clause] Yes.  22. [citizenship to vote] No.   36. [E-Verify]   No.  42. [how screen refugees] “You cannot screen potential terrorists, everyone is a "potential" terrorist, you can only identify actual terrorists based on their actions, communications etc., that is the job of the CIA, NSA, DIA, et al.”
HD 21 Doug Rodgers (R) -  incumbent candidate, Brian Clem (D)
19. [restrict emergency clause] Yes. “That is what it is for!!!!! TRUE emergencies.”    22. [citizenship to vote] Yes. “It is sad to have to come to this, but Hey(!). ONLY Citizens should be voting!!”  36. [E-Verify] Yes. “It has come to this because there are still employers who take away jobs for Oregonians by hiring illegals.”  42. [how screen refugees] “I assume the question stems from the Syrian crisis. This is a Federal Issue and they should be working with Muslim countries such as Saudi Arabia who have the means and funds to help care for the refugees until they can go back to their homeland. We have no way to vet them, and as a legislator, my priority is to the safety of my fellow Oregonians FIRST.”
HD 23  Mike Nearman (R), incumbent 
19.[restrict emergency clause] Yes.   22.[citizenship to vote] Yes. “Of course.  I'm chief petitioner on this initiative!”    36.[E-Verify] Yes. “Of course.  I'm chief petitioner on this initiative!”  42. [how screen refugees] “I don't think this is possible -- certainly not on a large scale. I think they need to be located elsewhere in the middle east.
Garrett Leeds (L) 
19. [restrict emergency clause] Yes.     22. [citizenship to vote] Yes.    36. [E-Verify]  No.             42. [how screen refugees] “Historically, refugees have found refuge much closer to home so that they can return to their homes when it is safe to do so. The refugees being brought over from the Middle East currently seem to be treated more like immigrants or asylum seekers rather than refugees. It would be more appropriate to find the refugees placements closer to home, such as in other Middle Eastern nations. For those who are being brought to the United States, there should be a very thorough screening process. While the situation is different, we can still learn from the security procedures used by the Israeli Airline El Al. They protect their flights through extensive interviewing and profiling. We should apply these techniques as well, and as much as possible, there should be background checks done in the nations and areas where the refugees are from. Additionally, private sponsorship of refugees should be expanded as it has been in other countries. These private individuals or groups would be responsible for helping the refugees see their needs are met, and also help ensure they obey the law and do not engage in any terrorist related activities.” 
HD 24 Ron Noble (R) – open seat (formerly Jim Weidner, R)
19.[restrict emergency clause] Yes.    22.[citizenship to vote] Yes.  36. [E-Verify]  Yes.  42. [how screen refugees] “Our first responsibility is to ensure the safety of the people of Oregon.”
HD 25 Bill Post (R), incumbent.  
19.[restrict emergency clause] Yes. “I want it gone completely and replaced with specific dated periods.”     22. [citizenship to vote] Yes.   36. [E-Verify]  Yes.   42. [how screen refugees] “(I think you meant ‘refugees’?) I would turn them away until we know for SURE they are not infiltrated by terrorists. That though should be a federal issue, the State of Oregon should just say ‘no’.”
HD 28 Gary Carlson (R) – incumbent candidate, Jeff Barker (D)
19. [restrict emergency clause] Yes.  “It seems logical to restrict and ‘emergency clause’ to a true emergency.”      22. [citizenship to vote] No.  “We do not need a constitutional amendment, but only U.S. and Oregon citizens should be allowed to vote in Oregon elections.”  36. [E-Verify] Decline. “This is also a Federal migration problem and if the Federal government is not dealing with the problem don't put the burden on”  42. [how screen refugees] “This is a Federal immigration problem. We have federal immigration laws that do regulate lawful immigration but the Federal government is refusing to enforce the laws that exist.”
HD 29  Juanita Lint (R) -  incumbent candidate, Susan McLain (D)
19.[restrict emergency clause] Yes.     22. [citizenship to vote] Yes.  36. [E-Verify]  Yes.           42. [how screen refugees] “I believe we have the means of tracking communications and connections of potential terrorists to ensure they do not enter our state. We just need to feel empowered to use those means without risk of violating civil liberties.”
HD 31  Robert Miller (R) -   incumbent candidate, Brad Witt (D)
19. [restrict emergency clause] Yes. “This should be obvious.”     22. [citizenship to vote] Yes.  “If you are not a citizen you cannot vote.”  36. [E-Verify] Yes.    42. [how screen refugees] “once the federal government allows people into the US there is nothing Oregon can do.”
HD 32   Incumbent candidate,  Deborah Boone (D)
Bruce L. Bobek (R) 19. [restrict emergency clause] Yes.     22. [citizenship to vote] Yes.  36. [E-Verify]  Yes.   42. [how screen refugees] “I would rely on government only if assurances are made for a complete background check before entering Oregon.”
Zachary (ChenKen LuPi) Seidel (Nonaffiliated)   19. [restrict emergency clause] Yes.     22. [citizenship to vote]   No. “It would effect mostly U.S. citizens, would lead to U.S. Citizen voter suppression.”  36. [E-Verify]  No. “Forcing people to work under the table and live in fear is not the answer.”  42. [how screen refugees] Did not reply.    
HD 33 John Verbeek (R) – incumbent candidate, Mitch Greenlick (D)
19. [restrict emergency clause] Yes.     22.  [citizenship to vote] Yes. “I had to when I became a citizen (hopefully not because I wanted to register “Republican in our virtual one party state).”  36. [E-Verify] No.  “It puts employers in bed with the government. They have greater responsibility towards their workers.”  42.[how screen refugees] “This is the price citizens of the west are made to pay for the UN's failed foreign policies. Rather than dumping our fellow human beings in communities, the federal government must do a better job defending the U.S. Constitution in the UN, secure our borders, and working with state government and local charities and churches for local sponsorship.”
HD 39 Kenny Semach (L) – incumbent candidate, Bill Kennemer (R)
19. [restrict emergency clause] Yes. “I believe that real emergencies should be present to use emergency clauses.”    22. [citizenship to vote] Yes.  “I support measures that ensure voters are who they claim to be, but there must be no cost to the voter and easy access.”  36. [E-Verify]  Yes. “While I feel we should allow far more people into the country legally, I also feel that workers should be eligible to work.”  42.[how screen refugees] “This is an area I'm not currently familiar with. I would look to experts for advice, and consult with other lawmakers before proposing or supporting any screening processes. That said, the issue of immigration is a federal concern and they should be in charge of the screening process. They are the ones with easy access to foreign governments and with the resources necessary to accomplish through screenings of refuges.”
HD 41 Tim McMenamin (R) – open seat (formerly Kathleen Taylor, D) 
19. [restrict emergency clause] Yes.     22. [citizenship to vote] Yes.  “Absolutely Yes but then Salem would have to repeal the Motor-Voter Bill.”  36. [E-Verify]  Yes. “Absolutely Yes. This should be the law in Oregon already.”  42. [how screen refugees] “A tough situation and one that pulls at your heart strings but first of all refugees need to have documentation of who they are by supplying a passport, government ID, etc. Without any documentation, unfortunately, I would not allow them refuge. This goes for the Cartell members as well. Then, once inside our country make sure they are assimilated and where they are suppose to be living.”
HD 42 Incumbent candidate, Rob Nosse (D) 
James E. Stubbs (I)
19. [restrict emergency clause] Yes.     22. [citizenship to vote] Yes.  36. [E-Verify]  Yes.  42. [how screen refugees]  “Sadly, there is simply no way to effectively screen people with no identification and no records from nations is total chaos with complete disregard for their own people. Without any means to tell who is who, taking in unknown persons is a huge risk. Once they're here it's up to us to monitor these people and take immediate action if they're found to be up to no good.”
Jeremy Wilson (L) 
19. [restrict emergency clause] Yes.   22. [citizenship to vote] Yes.  36. [E-Verify]  Yes.  42. [how screen refugees]  “If they are looking to become naturalized, they should be allowed to take the test for citizenship, pass a background check, etc and enter the country legally. If not there are plenty of other places they can go.”
HD 47 Michael P. Langley (R&I) – open seat (formerly Jessica Vega Pederson, D)
19.[restrict emergency clause] Yes. “Common sense. Allows short staffed law enforcement to be more responsive to real issues.”     22. [citizenship to vote] Yes.  “Only citizens are allowed to vote. I can't vote in another state or country.”  36. [E-Verify]  Yes.  “As part of the overall process yes.”  42. [how screen refugees] “Time and patience and a willingness to be objective with compassion. All due diligence national and international is to be used. The world has changed and not for the better, and our national security is still priority one.”
HD 48 – Incumbent candidate, Jeff Reardon (D&I)
George (Sonny) Yellott (R) 
19. [restrict emergency clause] Yes. “I am circulating that petition now.”      22. [citizenship to vote] Yes. “protect our vote!!!!!”     36[E-Verify]. Yes. “American for Americans”    42. [how screen refugees] “Bar all from moslem countries, we don't need that which is incompatible with our Constitution.”
Gary Dye (L)
19.  [restrict emergency clause] Yes. “But we should not have Bill Clintion determine what the definition of”      22. [citizenship to vote] Yes.   36. [E-Verify]  Yes. “But there should be a special tax on guest workers.”  42. [how screen refugees] “I believe citizens of the US should own their citizenship/residency as a property right, and thus be allowed to sell it to a foreigner (and then be required to leave the country). (Only restriction: you must sell your citizenship to a person of the same age.) We should create a free market for US citizenship, and promote this activity so other countries adopt markets for their citizenships, too. Non-profits could form to buy up citizenships and extinguish them, and thus reduce the rate of population increase, or subsidize certain ethnic groups or other groups of people they'd like to bring into the country and thus increase diversity. If all countries adopted a free market for their citizenships, the buying and selling (trading) of citizenships would establish an equilibrium giving an objective, quantitative ranking of the value of living in a certain country. I'll bet America would end up on top.”
HD 50 Stella Armstrong (R) – incumbent candidate, Carla Piluso (D)
19.[restrict emergency clause] Yes.    22.[citizenship to vote] Yes.    36. [E-Verify] Yes.  42. [how screen refugees] “I am an immigrant and have undergone the rigorous systems that are already in place (Department of Homeland Security and State Department). It took time but I understood the reasons why and how important it is that all of those wishing to immigrate here be cleared and secured. War refugees should go through the same process.”
HD 53 Gene Whisnant (R&I), incumbent
19. [restrict emergency clause] Yes.    22. [citizenship to vote] Yes.    36. [E-Verify]  Yes.  42. [how screen refugees] “The Department of Homeland Security must developed a better screening process and be held responsible for this program. When in doubt; they must hold the individual until they verify he/her is safe to enter the USA. We also need to improve monitoring and reporting students on "student visas at public and private higher education colleges and universities.”