House District 19

House District 19   (Salem, Aumsville, Turner)

There are 4 candidates in the primary, 3 Republicans and 1 Democrat.  The incumbent, Rep. Denyc Nicole Boles (R), was appointed in January 2018 to complete the term of Rep. Jodi Hack (R), and Rep. Boles now seeks election.  The 2 Republican challengers are Michael Hunter and Satya Chandragiri.  The Democrat, who is unchallenged within the party and is the presumable nominee in November is Mike Ellison.

The only one of the 4 candidates who replied to the Oregon Abigail Adams Voter Education Project survey was Michael Hunter, who replied Yes to these questions:

10.  Do you support the repeal of Oregon’s sanctuary state law?    Yes.  

23.  Do you support an Oregon Constitutional amendment to require proof of citizenship to register to vote in Oregon?    Yes.

42.  Do you support requiring all Oregon employers to use the federal E-Verify system to determine the employee’s work eligibility status?    Yes.


Rep. Boles began serving in the House on January 24, 2018, and she voted No, along with all other Republicans present, on HB 4111, a bill giving driver licenses to a group of illegal aliens.  The bill was passed on March 3 by questionable methods in the waning hours of the “short” session.  Her campaign website does not mention immigration, and she did not reply to the OAAVEP survey.

These excerpts, below, from Rep. Boles’ campaign website give some insight into her thinking:


Agriculture is the heart and soul of Marion County. I grew up picking berries, working in the cannery, “putting up” peaches, strawberries, applesauce, and more, for the winter. When I was a college student in Seattle, I asked my employer where she got her strawberries. I was expecting directions to a local farm or even a farmers’ market. She looked at me blankly and said...Safeway. That’s when I began to realize the uniqueness of the place where I was raised. I believe we need to continue to support our family farms and help navigate the myriad of issues that affect them.

Safe Communities

Keeping our homes and families safe is a team effort. Providing a safe place for families to live, work and play is a primary function of the state government.  Partnerships with key leaders and organizations in Marion County are important, and I have strong relationships and working understanding of projects and efforts that address public safety issues.   If elected, I will advocate for adequate funding and work towards innovative solutions to make sure our communities remain safe.


Here are the websites of candidates in the HD 19 primary election.  None of the websites includes discussion of immigration issues.

Denyc Nicole Boles (R) –

Satya Chandragiri (R) –

Michael Hunter (R) –

Mike Ellison (D) –