Congressional District 5

Oregon Primary Election – November 8, 2016
U.S. House of Representatives Candidates – Congressional District 5
There are 3 candidates in the race, one Democrat/Independent,  one Republican, and one from the Pacific Green Party.
1. The Republican candidate is Colm Willis, of Stayton, an attorney and owner of Willis Law LLC. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Boston College and doctoral degree from Willamette University College of Law.  He has served on the staff of the U.S. Senate Joint Economic Committee.
His website, at, in the Issues section, contains this statement:  “Immigration -- Our nation’s immigration system is broken. For years the federal government has failed to live up to its responsibility to protect our borders. In Congress, I will stand up against the irresponsible politicians who are undermining our legal immigration system. I will work to strengthen a sustainable process that is fair to both new immigrants and current U.S. citizens.”
2. The Democratic Party candidate is incumbent Representative Kurt Schrader, of Canby, who seeks reelection. He is also the write-in candidate of the Independent Party.  Schrader has been in Congress since 2009.  His Career grade there, covering 2009-2016, is D, as measured by NumbersUSA based on his votes on immigration issues.
He is rated F- on reducing chain migration, F- on reducing unnecessary worker visas, F- on reducing amnesty enticements, F- on reducing illegal immigration rewards, F- on reducing illegal immigration at borders, C- on reducing refugee and asylum fraud, C on reducing illegal jobs and presence, A+ on reducing the visa lottery.
In 2016, he voted:
NO to King amendment to FY2017 defense spending till to block amnesty for DACA recipients.
NO to Gosar amendment to FY17 defense spending bill to block amnesty for DACA recipients.
In 2015, he voted:
NO to the FY2016 Omnibus Spending bill to increase foreign guest workers.
YES to granting the President authority to expand immigration levels without Congress' consent via Trade Promotion Authority.
NO to the FY2016 Omnibus Spending bill to increase refugee resettlement.
NO to Brooks amendment to remove military amnesty from National Defense Authorization Act.
YES to funding Executive Amnesties by opposing clean DHS Appropriations bill, H.R. 240. 
NO to Blackburn Amendment to H.R. 240 to defund Pres. Obama's DACA amnesty. 
NO to Aderholt Amendment to H.R. 240 to defund Pres. Obama's Nov. 2014 amnesty. 
Rep. Schrader’s campaign website is at  There is no Issues section on his website and no statement on immigration.
3. The candidate of the Pacific Green Party is Marvin Sandnes, of Salem.  His surname is variously spelled Sannes.  He is self-employed in the real estate business.  He holds a bachelor’s degree in social sciences from Portland State University.  His campaign website is at  No information on his immigration views was found there or elsewhere on the internet.  He can be contacted from the About section of his website.