Congressional District 3

Oregon Primary Election – May 17, 2016
U.S. House of Representatives Candidates – Congressional District 3
There is no choice in either party in this District.  Only one candidate is running in the Democratic primary, and only one in the Republican primary.
The incumbent Representative, Earl Blumenauer, Democrat, of Portland, has been in office continuously since 1996.  He has earned a career (1996-2016) rating of F from NumbersUSA.  See the full report, which has links to every immigration-related bill that he’s voted on, for all details.  For recent years, 2013-2016, his grade is D-, and for the current Congress, 2015-2016, his grade is F-.  
For his whole career, he gets C on reducing visa lottery, F on reducing illegal jobs & presence and on Reducing anchor baby citizenship, F- on reducing chain migration, reducing unnecessary worker visas, reducing refugee and asylum fraud, challenging the status quo, reducing illegal immigration at borders, and F- on reducing amnesty enticements.
The Republican running in this primary is David W. Walker of Scappoose.  He is a family nurse practitioner who holds a master’s degree in nursing from Washington State University.  Website:  There was no discussion of immigration on the website.  His positions on immigration are unknown. Email: