Congressional District 1

September 6, 2014
The incumbent Representative in Congressional District 1 is Suzanne Bonamici (D), who is running for reelection.  Her major party challenger is Jason Yates (R).  
JASON YATES, of Newberg, is a certified True Immigration Reformer, by NumbersUSA. -- he replied to their candidate questionnaire with answers  earning him that name.
In addition, he replied to the candidate questionnaire posted online by Oregon Abigail Adams Voter Education Project.  Here are his replies to these questions:
19.  Do you support requiring all employers to verify employee eligibility to work in the United States?  Yes.  All workers in the US should be citizens or have proper paperwork to work here.  No illegal aliens should hold an American job.  
20.  Do you support securing the borders before any form of amnesty is legalized?  Yes.  The border must be secured at all costs.  Amnesty should never be considered under any circumstance.    
21.  Do you support spending public funds to benefit illegal immigrants?  No.  Public funds should only be used for citizens and those who are here legally.    
22.  Do you support automatic citizenship to children born in the U.S. when both parents are not legal residents?  No.  Anchor children are currently legal but I will propose legislation to end this. 
Jason Yates’ campaign website is at: .  It contains an Issues section including a statement on Immigration, as follows:  “This nation was founded on immigrants coming to this land to look for a better opportunity. I support legal immigration and the harsh enforcement of strong border control, including a well-armed border fence.”
His website gives information on his education, personal and career history.  This is his first run for Congress.
Contact for Jason Yates is through the webform on his website: or by email to:
SUZANNE BONAMICI (D) of Beaverton, incumbent, has a long and very poor record on immigration issues.  She is rated D- by NumbersUSA based on her voting record in Congress, 2012 to date.  She recently sent an email to constituents stating her position on amnesty and the current surge of illegal immigrants coming across the Mexican border, which makes it very clear that she protects illegal aliens and wants them to have taxpayer-funded benefits.  During her time in Congress, Rep. Bonamici has displayed little to no concern for the volume of illegal or legal immigration and how it impacts citizens, nor any understanding of the importance of immigration law enforcement.  The record of her votes in Congress is summarized at, which gives links to details on each vote.
While serving in the House chamber of the Oregon Legislature, in the February 2008 Special Session, she voted to continue giving Oregon driver licenses to illegal aliens, when she voted against requiring proof of legal status to obtain a driver license (SB 1080).   As an Oregon State Senator in 2011, she voted for the bill to grant in-state tuition to illegal aliens, SB 742.   This pattern of voting in the State Legislature has continued during her tenure in the U.S. Congress.
Bonamici’s campaign website is at:
Her website includes a section on priorities which has no mention of immigration.
Campaign email address:
Candidates in Addition to the Major Party Candidates
James Foster is the candidate of the Libertarian Party, and Stephen C. Reynolds represents the Progressive Party and the Pacific Green Party.  Both have expressed positions on immigration which are opposed to OFIR’s.  See Foster’s replies to questions 19-22 in the Oregon Abigail Adams Voter Education Project questionnaire.  See Reynoldswebsite statement on immigration and his replies to the NumbersUSA questionnaire.