Biden's refugees resettling in Oregon?

    A massive three-story apartment building is being built in the small town of Lebanon, Oregon, a building whose developers from the Farm Home Development Council (FHDC) claim is mostly farm workers and disabled vets. But Lebanon turned to mechanized strawberry and bean harvesting long ago. Low maintenance filberts also don't need many farm workers. And how many disabled veterans can afford the market-level rent or climb all those stairs?

     It's highly probable that these Colonia Paz apartments are another destination for the millions of illegal aliens who have flooded the U.S. since the Biden Administration began. Incorporating all the children into local school districts will create an extra burden for the local tax payers. This pattern is repeating itself all over Oregon only because citizens tend to find out about the housing boom only after the fact

    Fortunately, a small group of concerned citizens in Lebanon is unraveling the origins of the funding and the 501 C-3 organizations who work under the radar to accommodate the future voters being ushered into the state--as destabilizing that may be. This blog will post new discoveries as they occur.