Are Cruz and Rubio natural born citizens? How do we decide who is eligible to be President?

We've been down this road before - eight years ago.  And, here we go again...

What criteria defines eligibility to be President?  Does one need to be born on American soil to parents that are both American citizens?  What about being born to one parent that's an American citizen, but not born in the US?  Or, what about being born to parents that are not American citizens, but being born in the US?

As our country is flooded with more immigrants every year, coming here both legally and illegally, it's past time to define, once and for all, who is eligible to hold our country's highest office. 

The framers of our Constitution had very specific reasons for including in the requirement to be President, that the candidate be "natural born".

Scholars from across the country have weighed in on the motive and intent of "natural born". 

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