Townhall opportunities coming up

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Thursday, August 1, 2013
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Congress will adjourn at the end of the week for summer recess. Your elected officials will be "coming home" to their constituents and a full schedule of Town Hall meetings.

It is your opportunity and your responsibility as a citizen, to attend the Town Hall meetings and tell your Representatives, in person, how you feel about the massive amnesty bill hanging out in the House. S 744 is such a massive, horrible bill with so many loopholes and built in problems that will virtually ruin the US as we know it, that we must kill this bill before it ever gets the chance to leave the House this fall.

Please, go to your local Town Hall meetings and tell your Representatives, in no uncertain terms, that you DO NOT want an amnesty bill of any kind...PERIOD! Members of Congress MUST hear this repeatedly, loud and clear, from their constituents!

OFIR will post the Townhall schedules as they become available. Check back often.