ALERT! Obama to announce Executive Order Dream Act Amnesty at

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Friday, June 15, 2012
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President Obama is going to issue an executive order today enacting the DREAM Act. The DREAM Act is an amnesty for a segment of the illegal alien population. Bear in mind that the DREAM Act has failed in Congress on numerous times. President Obama has no respect for the Congressional process, the Constitution, the Rule of Law or American citizenship.

It is rumored that in addition to amnesty, the illegal aliens under Obama’s decree would get work permits. With over 20 million Americans and 200,000 Oregonians out of work, why do we need to allow illegal aliens to jump the line and get jobs?

The DREAM Act is a slap in the face to everyone who has immigrated legally into our country, and those currently going through the process, as well.

Unfortunately we in Oregon have our own special problem – self appointed King John Kitzhaber. 

Kitzhaber, just like Obama has secretly empowered a cabal to meet in behind closed doors to work on a plan that would allow illegal aliens to receive Oregon driver licenses. Frank Garcia, the Governor’s Director of Diversity, is working on the plan. It is rumored that some of the meetings may have been taking place behind closed doors at the Mexican Consular office! Garcia and the Governor’s office refuse to release the names of participants, the location of the meetings and their recommendations.

In today’s Oregonian, Rick LaMountain has an excellent Op-Ed about the impact of giving driver licenses to illegal aliens.  To read Rick's article, click here.

Governor Kitzhaber and President Obama two of kind – citizens need not apply. 

It seems the will of the people (i.e. LEGAL citizens) does not matter to either one of them.