How to contact your Oregon State Legislators

Find your Oregon State Legislators

Here’s how:  You can click on this link,, which displays the homepage of the Oregon Legislature.  In the lower right hand section of the window there is a box called “Find My Legislators” where can enter your street address, city, state and zip code.  Then click on “Go” and a new window will display a card with name and address of your State Senator.  There are tabs at top of the card; click on the tabs to see cards for your State Representative and your U.S. Representative.  
Get acquainted with the Oregon Legislature through the internet.
The Oregon State Legislature website contains extensive information about the work of the Legislature.  The Legislature’s homepage gives basic information about the schedule.
Of particular interest is the link to OLIS, the Oregon Legislative Information System, a program introduced in 2013 which makes it easy for citizens to follow any bill as it progresses through the legislative process.  Much more information is available online through this feature than has ever been available before.  Citizens can view testimony submitted on the various bills, see how each member voted on the bill, and much more.
Elsewhere on the Legislature’s homepage, there are links to various other components.  In the top horizontal menu, note especially “Citizen Engagement,” which includes information on how to access live and archived recordings of Hearings and floor debate.
Oregon State Senate – This page contains links to the leading officials of the Senate and lists of all Senators, sorted alphabetically by name, also by district and by party.  Those lists include links to the Senators’ individual websites.  You can watch Senate Chamber sessions live through the Video link on this page.
Oregon State House of Representatives -  The page is structured like the homepage for the Senate.  It gives names of House leadership, and links to lists of Representatives arranged in different ways – all names are hyperlinked to the websites of the member.  There is a link to live Video of House sessions.
All members of the Legislature have their own websites, which are often very informative.  Many legislators write newsletters to their constituents and post the letters on their websites.  Usually, you can sign up to receive these letters by email.