Ask the real, tough questions of Presidential candidates

Take advantage of the opportunities available to influence immigration policy throughout the current presidential campaigns. All major candidates have websites with Contact Us links.  Visit those websites and ask the tough questions that aren't often asked in debates or on the campaign trail.

Check out this page on the NumbersUSA website:

NumbersUSA posts continuously updated information on the immigration positions of presidential candidates. You can click on the photo of a candidate and get a long list of quotes the candidate has made on immigration issues. Then you can contact the candidate from addresses provided at NumbersUSA's website, and give your views on how the candidate should change or improve his positions.

You can encourage your favorites and give them any information you may have to help them in discussing immigration policy. All major party candidates' records, including President Obama's, are available on the NumbersUSA website.

Iimmigration has become a topic that is taken seriously in the campaign.  Candidates have moved significantly both up and down in polls based on their answers to immigration questions.

Ask candidates, that if they are elected, would they support mandatory E-verify for all employers.  Ask candidates about their views on securing the border, attrition through enforcement, chain migration, anchor babies (birthright citizenship) excessive legal immigration of low skilled workers...the list is endless.  If you get a reply, please share it with OFIR!


How long will your Republican Congressmen allow Speaker Boehner to dilly-dally on the E-Verify bill?

. . . so why isn't he bringing the Legal Workforce Act (H.R. 2885) to the floor for a vote so millions of illegal aliens will have to leave their jobs and be replaced by unemployed Americans?

Congressmen have told us about Friday's closed-door meeting of the House Republicans.

The hypocrisy was thick as Speaker Boehner again admonished Republican Members to keep their focus on nothing but jobs, even as he is now in his 12th month in power without doing a single thing about the 7 million illegal aliens who are keeping unemployed Americans from getting a job.

Please click on the link below and send a free fax to urge your state's Republican U.S. Representatives to tell Boehner it is time to follow his own advice and move H.R 2885 to put millions of Americans back to work.

Republicans from your state helped put Boehner in power. But Boehner has used his power to do nothing to help the millions of unemployed Americans -- mostly lower skilled and lower educated -- who are waiting in line for jobs in construction, manufacturing, service and transportation currently held by illegal aliens.

H.R. 2885 would easily pass the House if Boehner would allow it to come up for a vote. It has already passed the House Judiciary Committee. It is time for your state's Republican Representatives to ask Boehner when he is going to start doing something about jobs and bring H.R. 2885 to the floor for a vote.




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