driver's license

Oregon's governor should be working for Oregon families, Oregon jobs and Oregon citizens...

Governor John Kitzhaber, has just issued a proclamation. Oregon State Police will now have to accept the Mexican Matricular card in lieu of a valid Oregon State driver license if an illegal alien is questioned by State Police.

The FBI, in testimony before a House Subcommittee on Immigration, stated that the Matricular card is not a reliable form of identification and poses, “major criminal threats and potential terrorist threats.” Apparently not a problem for the Governor; He always has state police escorts to protect him.

Think of the problem that this will present to Oregon State Police. If they pull over a speeding or drunk driver and they present a Mexican Matricular card, how can the trooper check on his driving record? There is no driving record available on Matricular cards. Maybe we should all sign up to become an illegal alien.

In 2008 the Oregon Legislature passed Senate Bill 1080. SB 1080 required that only people legally in the U.S. could receive an Oregon Driver license. The Governor seems to think that he can over rule state laws by issuing edicts.



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