Wheeler, city council violating oaths

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Monday, January 29, 2018
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Steve Weaser
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Mayor Wheeler's shrill speech/rant in Washington, D.C., makes painfully obvious his disconnect from reality. He accuses the U.S. Department of Justice of doing precisely what the U.S. Constitution requires them and him, per his oath of office, to do. Mayor Wheeler said it is "unconstitutional" and "dangerous" (for whom?) for the federal government to enforce immigration laws in the face of half-baked "sanctuary" laws passed locally. Sanctuary laws reasonably result in an increased risk of crime committed by illegals.

From their first day in office, Mayor Wheeler and Portland city commissioners have violated their oaths of office and the city's charter by allowing homeless camping on Portland Parks property along with all the crime and environmental destruction they cause. They're standing on a "state of emergency," voted on but never proven to exist. Our angry-at-the-feds mayor and city council need to publish the exact criteria used to justify that vote so we, the people, can decide for ourselves if they get a pass on violating two constitutions and a city charter.