Trump's travel ban a proactive step for safety

Letter date: 
Tuesday, March 21, 2017
Letter publisher: 
The Oregonian
Letter author: 
Ken Greger
Letter body: 
I'm a senior executive who loves America. I am boggled by all the fuss over the travel ban. The intention has never been a permanent ban, but, rather, a starting place to optimize the vetting in order to protect Americans and innocent visitors to our country.  The immigration process is a moving train and Trump officials had to jump on it somewhere as a starting point.  Let's not forget the Obama administration had a substantial list of immigration issues and concerns.
Whether those protesting want to get real or not, it doesn't change the fact that the very few countries being vetted (1) have such poor security they cannot provide the United States with any assurance as to who is getting out and (2) they are countries determined by the U.S. State Department to harbor terrorists who have verifiably committed acts of terror.  No one is suggesting everyone in said countries is a terrorist, but the track record demands vetting.
So now Hawaii, for example, is complaining that the ban hurts tourism.  Ask yourself - what percentage of that tourism comes from these countries?   I doubt that Syrians frequent Hawaii! Don't any of those complaining understand that a terrorist act and the death of innocents is a far greater threat to tourism?
Does anyone remember how you felt about America and our need for protection after 9-11?  Just imagine being hit like that again, or worse. You'll all be screaming for something to be done!
Trump is trying to be proactive.  Do you really want to wait to wake up when thousands lie dead again?
Ken Greger, West Linn