Stop irresponsible immigration bill

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Wednesday, June 7, 2017
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The Register Guard
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Here they go again: After Oregonians made crystal clear their feelings regarding public benefits for illegal immigrants via Measure 88 in 2014, Democrats in the Legislature are once more thumbing their noses at the electorate.

They’ve just introduced House Bill 3464 at the request of Gov. Kate Brown and Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum. Among other provisions, it would prohibit a government agency from inquiring about an applicant’s citizenship status in determining eligibility for public benefits, except as required by state or federal law. It also further cements Oregon’s “sanctuary state” status.

All the sponsors of this “illegal immigrant support act” are Democrats, including many of Lane County’s Democratic legislators. And because the sponsors know fully well that legal Oregon residents would likely disapprove, they added a bogus “emergency” clause solely to prevent a referendum.

The sponsors also concluded from Measure 88 that as Democrats in a deep blue state, their jobs are secure no matter how out of touch they are with the public on this matter. But given demonstrated public opinion and with the state supposedly facing a $1.4 billion deficit, how can such arrogance possibly be justified?

It’s time for Oregon to become a sanctuary state for Oregonians, not foreign nationals. HB 3464 is irresponsible.