Should Portland be a sanctuary city? No.

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Tuesday, January 10, 2017
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David Olen Cross
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Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler declaring the city will continue to be a sanctuary to foreign nationals illegally in the country (undocumented immigrants) is promoting a culture of corruption that has historically resulted in the residents of the city being plagued by foreign national crime.

On Nov. 1, 2016, an Oregon Department of Corrections report exposed that Multnomah County was No. 2 in foreign national crime with 210 — 21.8 percent — of the state's 964 criminal undocumented immigrants incarcerated in the DOC prison system.

Here is the DOC numerical breakdown of the 12 types of crimes committed by undocumented immigrants against Multnomah County residents: 35 rapes; 34 sex abuses; 33 assaults; 26 homicides; 24 robberies; 23 drug offenses; 11 sodomies; 10 burglaries; seven driving offenses; three kidnappings; two vehicle thefts; one theft; and one other type or a combination of the preceding crimes.

All 964 criminal undocumented immigrants previously mentioned in the DOC prison system had U.S. Immigration and Custom Enforcement detainers placed on them.

Important facts: The recidivism rate for DOC prisoners is 24.4 percent. Eventually most of these criminal undocumented immigrants will be released from prison. Some of them will return to Portland even if ICE officials remove them from the country.

So Mayor Wheeler, to be responsible and accountable to the public safety of the residents of Portland, should reject any ideas about declaring Portland a sanctuary city and not fully cooperating with ICE officials, because undocumented immigrants, far too many of them criminals, should be removed from the United States by federal immigration officials.