Right and wrong way to immigrate

Letter date: 
Saturday, March 11, 2017
Letter publisher: 
The Register-Guard
Letter author: 
Don Carson
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Ruby Bennett was spot on with her March 8 letter (“Can’t pick and choose to obey laws”). Illegal is illegal.

I’m tired of hearing all these illegal-immigrant-lovers harping about why we shouldn’t deport people who sneak into this country. And why are they referred to as “immigrants” and “undocumented workers”? What part of “illegal alien” do you not understand?

Twenty seven years ago, I went to a foreign country to marry a girl I’d been corresponding with. I came home and started the lengthy process mandated to get her into this country. Ten months later, including time and the hassle to go see a U.S. congressman, I was able to send for her. A few months after she arrived, we had to go for an interview to see if we were living as man and wife. As you can imagine, this all cost more than a few shekels.

So now these anti-Trumpsters want to let all those folks who came here without due process just stay and suck the life out of the United States. I realize many of the illegal immigrants came here with good intentions, but there’s a right way, and a wrong way, to come to this country. Do you suppose the government, or the illegal immigrant supporters, are going to pay back the monies extracted to get our legal wives here?

Why don’t we use people who are caught sneaking across the border, to build “The Wall?” For first-time offenders, 30 days at the build site. Second time, six months. Third time, you stay on the wall until it’s finished.