Looking for logic in DACA

Letter date: 
Thursday, September 21, 2017
Letter publisher: 
Portland Tribune
Letter author: 
Jim Speirs
Letter body: 
Is this too simple to understand? If I take my family to Disneyland and sneak my kids in without paying, then get caught, would it come as a surprise if my family is escorted out of the park? Would that be considered cruel or unjust? Would my underage kids be allowed to stay and wander throughout the park with no money or supervision? 
Can I go to any casino in operation in America and be allowed to play Texas Hold 'Em without ante money? Would there be no "buy-in" and would I be allowed access to the same "pot" if I didn't ante up the cost of entry? 
Trying to figure the logic here and to find some sort of analogy. So far ... it hasn't worked. 
Jim Speirs
North Portland