Governor’s order a slippery slope to lawbreaking

Letter date: 
Friday, February 10, 2017
Letter publisher: 
Statesman Journal
Letter author: 
Richard Methvin
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How can we have a $1.7 billion deficit that the Legislature is trying to deal with while our governor is telling the federal authorities that Oregon does not need any federal aid?

The deficit can only result in cutting services and entitlements, regardless of how much taxes are added on. But apparently, the governor saw it necessary to make Oregon a target of the Trump Administration.

As a lifelong Oregonian, I resent the governor issuing an order that causes my family and I to now potentially violate numerous laws at state and federal levels.

Am I now to understand it is OK to hire undocumented workers with no green card? Is it OK to rent to undocumented applicants? Do we need to hold state and federal withholdings from these people? Will the state of Oregon be hiring undocumented workers? Am I still going to be fined for hiring undocumented workers? If I can’t ask to see their green card, how would I know?

If I’m an undocumented worker and no one can ask me for documentation, what is to stop me from going into any government office and demanding entitlements?