Gov. Brown dismissing our welfare

Letter date: 
Thursday, April 12, 2018
Letter publisher: 
The Oregonian
Letter author: 
Lyneil Vandermolen, Tualatin
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Gov. Kate Brown's refusal to allow the Oregon National Guard to help stop the strangely spontaneous column of dubious refugees marching through Mexico to forcibly storm our border is an example of her contempt for the rule of law. Her apparent indifference to the likelihood of terrorists or smugglers embedded in the crowd is intolerable. Her dismissal of American welfare is even evident in her official phone greeting, which addresses stakeholders (illegal aliens) first and ordinary citizens second. 

Brown may consider American citizens to be ordinary, or even irrelevant, but we pay for the troops meant to defend us against aggressive frontal assaults on our border. Brown's refusal to use them seems like an attempt to increase the number of  stakeholders needed to supplant us ordinary American voters.