Border wall needed

Letter date: 
Saturday, July 30, 2016
Letter publisher: 
The Dalles Chronicle
Letter author: 
Diana Ezelle
Letter body: 

Imagine a stranger walking into your home. Imagine that the stranger brought friends, none of whom you know. Imagine if those strangers stayed in your home without an invitation — eating all of your food, sleeping wherever they want to sleep, using up all of your resources and then finally taking your job. The common American household has at least four walls and locks on their doors. Why walls and locks? To keep out intruders, of course.

Imagine that you are Donald Trump, and you are sick and tired of America being overran by illegal aliens walking into this country— illegally— using up all of our resources, taking our jobs, voting in elections in a country that they don’t belong, and using and abusing our nation.

When you have a lock on your door you are expecting people to knock.

You look to see who it is and then, and only then, if you know who it is you let them in. Donald Trump is only trying to do the same for the United States. He isn’t wanting to build a wall to keep everyone out.

He simply wants them to knock first so we can see who it is before we open the door and let them in. Who can blame him for that when every American in this country does the exact same thing? Think about it.