Suspect accused of sexually assaulting 9-year-old girl was deported 16 years ago

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KATU Staff
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Friday, February 2, 2018
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Santiago Martinez-Flores - Photo from the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office{ }

A man who was deported to Mexico 16 years ago has been convicted of sexually assaulting a 9-year-old Oregon girl while she slept in her bedroom last year.

The girl's mother told KATU News her 9-year-old and 5-year-old daughters were asleep on the night of Feb. 26 at the Clackamas Trails Apartments when a stranger broke into their bedroom through a window.

After being pinned down by the stranger, the girl managed to escape and run to her mom's room. When they realized what happened, the girl's dad took his gun and went into the bedroom, but the suspect had already escaped through the window.

Deputies were able to find the suspect's fingerprints, the mom told KATU. The little girl was able to recall what her attacker looked like, and helped deputies create a sketch of what he looked like.

Santiago Martinez-Flores, 48, was quickly identified as the suspect in the attack. He was arrested about two months after the attack at the California and Mexico border, about 15 miles from San Diego.

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Martinez-Flores was charged with unlawful sexual penetration, sex abuse, attempted rape and burglary. He was found guilty Friday, and will be sentenced Monday.

Martinez-Flores has a lengthy criminal history that dates back to 1994. He was deported to Mexico in 2001 after serving two years in the Oregon Department of Corrections.