Senator Merkley's Town Halls

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Saturday, March 31, 2012
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Oregon Issues
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Attend Senator Merkley's Town Hall and ask about E-Verify!

Senator Jeff Merkley will be at home next week and will be hosting four town halls. This is a perfect opportunity to ask Senator Merkley why he hasn't signed on to any E-Verify legislation during this Congress.

E-Verify is a program that ensures businesses only hire legal workers. If mandatory E-Verify legislation passes, it could get more Americans back to work than any other bill being discussed in Congress right now. Up to 7 MILLION jobs could open up for American workers.

Check out the chart...

NumbersUSA has given Senator Merkley the worst grade he could possibly get when it comes to illegal aliens in the workforce. Senator Merkley has voted against E-Verify legislation multiple times in the past.

There are two groups that are benefiting from Senator Merkley's refusal to mandate E-Verify: the illegal aliens who are taking Americans' jobs and big business that still has the ability to hire illegal workers for pennies on the dollar.

So who's getting hurt by Senator Merkley's decisions? The middle class, American worker.

During this slow economic recovery, Americans are still struggling to find work. Mandating E-Verify is good economic policy and fair to the American worker. This is truly a bi-partisan issue. In a public opinion poll, 94% of Republicans, 84% of Independents, and 81% of Democrats want a mandatory E-Verify law.

We are asking you to attend one of Senator Merkley's town halls and ask him about mandatory E-Verify. The most powerful message you can send as a constituent is to ask your Senator, face-to-face, about an issue.

Here is the information for Senator Merkley's town halls:

April 3, 2012    6pm

Klamath County Town Hall

Lost River Junior and Senior High School

23330 Highway 50

Merrill, OR 97633


April 4, 2012      4pm

Jackson County Town Hall

Medford City Council Chambers, City Hall

411 West 8th Street

Medford, OR, 97501


April 5, 2012       10am

Curry County Town Hall

Southwest Oregon Community College (SOCC) Curry Campus, Krieger Community Room 138

96082 Lone Ranch Parkway

Brookings, OR, 97415


April 5, 2012       3:30pm

Josephine County Town Hall

Josephine County Building

102 South Redwood Highway

Cave Junction, 97523

ASK SENATOR MERKLEY TO SIGN ON TO SENATE BILL 1196, THE ACCOUNTABILITY THROUGH VERIFICATION ACT, introduced by Sen. Grassley. Tell him to put good policy before politics. Oregon Democratic Rep. DeFazio introduced very similar legislation in the House, H.R. 483.

See Senator Merkley's grade card on immigration reform:

Make your voice be heard and attend one of the town halls!

[Thanks to NumbersUSA for preparing this Alert.]