Salem Police arrest five in prostitution sting

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Joce DeWitt
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Friday, August 30, 2013
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The Salem Police Department Street Crimes Unit arrested five suspects during a prostitution sting operation conducted on the evening of August 29.

Street Crimes Detectives worked with undercover officers to establish contact with both prostitutes and "Johns" via the Internet site "" then arrested the suspects when they arrived at designated locations.

Arrested in the sting operation were:
29-year old Andrew J Fitzpatrick of Monmouth. Charged with Prostitution and Delivery of Marijuana
37-year old Alison E Hall of Portland. Charged with Prostitution
59-year old Jeremy T Davis of Salem. Charged with Prostitution
51-year old Patrick J Duda of Salem. Charged with Prostitution
29-year old Ismael Mendez of Salem. Charged with Prostitution

Salem Deputy Police Chief James Ferraris, who commands the Investigations Division of the Salem Police Department, stated that "Prostitution and crimes associated with prostitution affect every part of our community. We will continue to be proactive in combating this issue and make our community an unwelcome place for those who partake in these activities." Prostitution exploits a vulnerable part of our society and is also frequently linked to human trafficking, which is becoming more frequent throughout our communities. Women, juveniles and undocumented individuals are being victimized by human traffickers for forced labor as well as for sexual exploitation. Victims of human trafficking often feel as though they have no alternative but to obey those who take advantage of them.

Anyone who has information about human trafficking is urged to contact your local law enforcement agency. Victims of human trafficking can also contact their local Women's Crisis Center for assistance with safety and shelter. The Mid-Valley Women's Crisis Service can be reached at their 24-hour crisis line at 503-399-7722.

Prostitution related crimes often utilize the Internet to facilitate activities. Parents should watch for unfamiliar Internet site names on their computer browser histories and further investigate those sites as a way to monitor the computer activities of their children.

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