New federal program may curb Oregon’s Sanctuary law

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Monday, May 6, 2019
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Oregon Issues
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ICE has announced a new program setting up a convenient way for local law enforcement to use warrants for arrest if needed to circumvent sanctuary policies. 

The cry in Oregon for some time when objections are raised to release of criminal aliens from jail instead of holding them for ICE detention, has been -- Tell ICE to get a warrant.  That was time-consuming and difficult, as explained by U.S. Attorney Billy Williams in an op-ed:

“Some sheriffs suggest that, short of ICE agents obtaining a federal criminal arrest warrant, they do not have any legal obligation to share information or hold an individual in custody who is subject to a detainer. This requirement is inherently unreasonable as illegal aliens are frequently held for only a matter of hours. Furthermore, it is nearly impossible to obtain a federal criminal arrest warrant without basic identifying information.”

In a news release of May 6, ICE explains the new procedure in detail. See the news release here.

NumbersUSA has issued a brief summary with main details included:

New Program Will Exempt Police From Sanctuary-Detainer Restrictions

Mon, May 6th 2019

The Trump Administration announced a new Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) program designed for local law-enforcement agencies that want to honor immigration detainers but are prohibited from doing so under state and/or local sanctuary policies. According to a press release, ICE created the Warrant Service Officer (WSO) program at the request of the National Sheriffs’ Association and the Major County Sheriffs of America.

“Policies that limit cooperation with ICE undermine public safety, prevent the agency from executing its federally mandated mission and increase the risks for officers forced to make at-large arrests in unsecure locations,” said Acting ICE Director Matthew Albence. “The WSO program will protect communities from criminal aliens who threaten vulnerable populations with violence, drugs and gang activity by allowing partner jurisdictions the flexibility to make immigration arrests in their jail or correctional facility.”

After a jurisdiction signs a Memorandum of Agreement with ICE, it will nominate officers who will be trained to perform WSO functions. The officers will be responsible for serving administrative warrants and arresting targeted aliens at jails or correctional facilities where they work. ICE will then have 48 hours to pick up aliens. ICE will supervise the WSO process, and pay for the cost of training local officers.

In addition to partnering with law-enforcement agencies in sanctuary jurisdictions, the program will serve rural jurisdictions that lack the budget and personnel resources to become 287(g) partners.