MEHLMAN: Objections To Florida’s Anti-Illegal Immigration Legislation Border On The Hysterical

Article author: 
Ira Mehlman
Article publisher: 
the Daily Caller
Article date: 
Wednesday, April 12, 2023
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National Issues
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In the face of an unprecedented wave of illegal migration unleashed by the Biden administration, the Florida Legislature is poised to enact legislation aimed at deterring migrants from taking up residence in the Sunshine State. Curbing illegal immigration was a key promise Gov. Ron DeSantis made to voters last year, who rewarded him with a landslide reelection victory in November.

Florida is already shouldering $8 billion a year in costs associated with illegal immigration, and preventing that burden from growing even larger would seem like a prudent step. Not to everyone, however. To the small, but vocal minority that seem to oppose every effort to prevent large-scale illegal immigration, the bills making their way through the Legislature present another opportunity to manufacture hysteria. . . .