Man charged in Woodburn homicide

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Joce DeWitt
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Tuesday, September 17, 2013
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A man has been charged by a Marion County Grand Jury indictment in the Aug. 4 stabbing of a man in Woodburn.

According to the Marion County District Attorney’s Office, Woodburn Police found Pedro Bravo-Luna on James Street in Woodburn after he was stabbed. Bravo-Luna was taken to the hospital but he died later of his injuries.

Four people were arrested on Aug. 7 and taken into Immigration and Custom’s Enforcement on unrelated charges.

After an investigation by Woodburn Police and the Marion County Homicide Assault Response Team, a Marion County Grand Jury convened and issued an indictment against one of the men arrested on Aug. 7, Mateo Torres Morales, for the murder of Bravo-Luna.

On Monday, detectives brought Torres from ICE custody to the Marion County Jail where he was arraigned on the indictment and held without bail, the district attorney said in a press release.

The same Grand Jury issued an indictment against Juan Torre-Santizo for attempted murder, attempted assault and unlawful use of a weapon against Antonio Segundo, a friend to Bravo-Luna.