Front Page Wash Post Story Hides Fact That Alleged Murderer Was Illegal Alien

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Paul Joseph Watson
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Saturday, August 10, 2013
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National Issues
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Amidst a national debate about a potential amnesty for millions of undocumented immigrants, the Washington Post featured a front page story about the prime suspect accused of carrying out a sickening murder, but refused to mention the fact that he was an illegal alien.

The article concerned pretrial filings in the 2010 killing of Falls Church teen Vanessa Pham. 27-year-old Julio Miguel Blanco Garcia is accused of murdering Pham after first approaching her with his one-year-old daughter in a shopping mall and asking to be taken to the hospital.

Pham agreed but when she took a wrong turn, Garcia became agitated and, fearing she was about to report him to the police, grabbed a butcher knife from his backpack and plunged it into Pham no less than thirteen times.

The car crashed into a ditch and Garcia grabbed his daughter before clambering out of the sunroof, leaving Pham to die. Garcia then cleaned the blood off his hands using a baby wipe.

The fact that Garcia was an illegal alien is central to the story this was obviously a key factor behind Garcia’s fear that Pham would turn him over to the authorities and therefore a primary motivating cause behind the alleged murder but the Post makes no mention of it whatsoever, nor does the police report.

“The non-mention of illegal alien status is one of the mainstream media’s many subtle techniques used, all in the name of political correctness, to blur the news of the impact of illegal immigration on the United States,” writes David North of the Center for Immigration Studies.

“Garcia, according to the Post, had been arrested several times prior to the murder; had he simply been deported after any one of these arrests, Ms. Pham would be alive today.”

Whether the Washington Post deliberately obfuscated Garcia’s illegal status in order to not taint the current push for mass amnesty cannot be ascertained. An equally disturbing premise is that this is just standard operating procedure for Post journalists.

What’s almost inevitable is that brutal crimes carried out by illegal aliens will almost certainly be downplayed or ignored by the establishment media in order to ensure the safe passage of the Senate’s ‘Gang of Eight’ “immigration reform” agenda on the House floor if the Obama administration is ever able to secure a vote.


Paul Joseph Watson is the editor and writer for and Prison He is the author of Order Out Of Chaos. Watson is also a host for Infowars Nightly News.

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