DHS Proposed 153-Page Rule Change Concedes that Asylum Fraud is the Real ‘Root Cause’ of the Border Crisis

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Dan Stein
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Tuesday, February 23, 2021
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National Issues
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“In a remarkable admission, the Biden Department of Homeland Security concedes that the overwhelming majority of migrants pouring across our southern border are attempting to defraud our political asylum system. That crisis is about to get a whole lot worse when Title 42 is canceled, and an estimated 11,000-13,000 illegal migrants are expected to be encountered every day.

“DHS’s response is a 153-page proposed “temporary” rule change that is designed not to halt the flow of illegal migrants, but merely to create a more orderly process for people to abuse our asylum system. In other words, the real objective is not to end large-scale asylum abuse, but rather to get them through the next election cycle. . . .