DHS Announces Plan to Stop Some Venezuelan Aliens at the Southern Border

Article author: 
Stephen Dinan
Article publisher: 
The Washington Times
Article date: 
Wednesday, October 12, 2022
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National Issues
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On Wednesday, The Department of Homeland Security announced a new effort to stop the migration of Venezuela’s convicted criminals to the United States, restoring in part the Trump-era policy of returning some migrants back over the border to Mexico. 

The Department of Homeland Security stated that it would accept 24,000 Venezuelans through the legal avenue of “parole,” a privilege granted to DHS to allow aliens into the United States on an individual, frequently on a humanitarian basis - but used by the Biden Admin. in illegally broad swaths. 

To qualify as one of the 24,000 Venezuelans allowed into the U.S. via parole, a Venezuelan national must apply, be vetted, and be accepted by DHS while still outside the country. . . .