Crunching the numbers on homicidal crimes of illegals

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My Columbia Basin
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Monday, February 25, 2019
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SALEM, Oregon – Based on statistics from the Oregon Department of Corrections and Immigration and Customs Enforcement, there are 909 inmates in the prison system that have ICE detainers. Of those, 131 have committed homicidal crimes like murder, manslaughter, and attempted murder.

David Olen Cross, who researches and reports on immigration issues, says his analysis shows that nine of those cases were tried in Umatilla County. That makes it the fourth highest in the state for homicidal cases involving illegal aliens.

The top three counties dwarf Umatilla County’s single-digit number. Multnomah County had 35, Marion County 22, and Washington County has 21 inmates. Other Eastern Oregon counties had none.

The inmates convicted of homicidal crimes come from 19 different countries. Foreign nationals who declared their homeland to be Mexico committed 101, which is 77.10 percent of the 131 inmates with detainers convicted of homicidal crimes.