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Illegal Immigrant Children Enjoy Different Standard in Proof of Immunization, Florida Educator Says
the Epoch Times

In the United States, schools must accept the children of illegal immigrants as students. But one mother and educator says the children of illegal immigrants enjoy a different standard in proof of immunization than those of American citizens. . . .

Don't want the shot forced on you? Just enter the U.S. illegally
The Biden administration is being accused – once again – of putting open borders ahead of all other political considerations, including vaccinations.
American Family News

The crisis of illegal crossings continues to spiral out of control at the U.S.-Mexico border. In July, more than 212,000 illegal immigrants crossed that border – a 12% increase over the month before. According to the New York Post, it was the second-highest number of monthly "encounters" in the last 21 years. . . .

Biden’s border crisis is growing more and more grim as agents are now faced with this problem
Conservative Underground News

In his infinite wisdom, President Joe Biden proceeded to undo every immigration policy Donald Trump had put in place during his time in office.

And though the White House still refuses to admit it, there is now a crisis of epic proportions at the southern border. . . .

1/2 Massive Migrant Camp Under Border Bridge Triples in Size in a Matter of Days
the Western Journal

Hundreds of illegal immigrants were detained under the Del Rio International Bridge in Texas on Sunday as the Border Patrol continues to face large caravans entering the nation. . . .

Texas Set to Finalize Plan to Build 700 Miles of Wall at Southern Border
the Western Journal

Texas is expected to award a contract this week to begin construction of a barrier along its southern border with Mexico.

In an early-September statement on its website, the Texas Facilities Commission announced that a design firm and an engineering firm had been selected to oversee the project’s construction, The Texas Tribunereported last week. . . .

Zuckerberg’s Astroturf Empire: ‘This Is the Year’ for Amnesty
Congress will pass a mass amnesty this year, says a chorus of pro-amnesty activists in Mark Zuckerberg’s astroturf empire.

“Congress is going to pass a pathway to citizenship,” said a tweet from Todd Schulte, the president of Zuckerberg’s amnesty lobby group, “It’s going to happen via the reconciliation bill … this is the year,” he tweeted. . . .

Budget Reconciliation: House Subcommittee Releases First Look At Nation's Largest Proposed Amnesty

On Friday night, the House Subcommittee on Immigration as part of the House Judiciary Committee released the blueprints for their disastrous and irreversible amnesty proposal - Democrats hope to add the amnesty to the massive $3,500,000,000,000 Budget Reconciliation Package which they hope to pass with a slim majority in the House, and just 50 Senators. . . .

CIS' Mark Krikorian Reflects on the Immigration Challenges Two Decades After Sept. 11

Mark Krikorian recently made the case in his National Review column that “the 9/11 attacks were, at their heart, a failure of our immigration system.” . . .

Republicans Raise Alarm on Vetting of Afghans After Man Convicted of Rape Allowed to Enter US
the Epoch Times

Republican members of Congress are calling on President Joe Biden to detail the vetting process used by his administration to screen allies and others evacuated from Afghanistan after it was reported that a man—who had years earlier been . . .

74 Advocacy Groups Pen Letter to Mexican Prez. Asking Him to Refuse Migrants Returned Under MPP

Just over six dozen U.S. and international open-border advocates recently penned a letter to the President of Mexico asking him to refuse to accept migrants now being returned to Mexico after the Supreme Court declined to halt a lower court's decision which mandated the reinstatement of "Remain in Mexico." . . .