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60% of Hispanics in El Paso Favor Border Security
Republican Daily

Married to a Border patrol agent, former patrol agent herself, entrepreneur and aspiring Congresswoman Irene Armendariz, a lifelong El Paso resident born to naturalized Mexican immigrant parents, is a Texas woman who knows the reality of what goes on at the border. . . .

ICE Agents, Sheriffs Sue Biden for Forcing Them to Violate Federal Immigration Law by Not Detaining Migrants
Conservative Action Report

'Many extremely dangerous illegal aliens who would have been detained prior to the February 18 Memorandum are now not being detained - against the wishes of the ICE officers seeking to detain them, and in violation of federal statutes requiring their detention and/or removal,' the lawsuit says. . . .

Ron Johnson: Harris Border Trip Meant to Keep Media from Reporting Severity of Crisis

Tuesday on FNC’s “Fox & Friends,” Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) said Vice President Kamala Harris visited part of the United States-Mexico border last week to deter the media from reporting on the severity of the crisis. . . .

542 Percent Increase in Convicted Sex Offenders Arrested at Border
the Epoch Times

DEL RIO, Texas—Border Patrol agents have arrested 353 illegal aliens with sex-related criminal convictions so far this fiscal year. . . .

Texas Wall Project Gets A Startup Boost – Governor Abbott Reports Donations Are Rolling In To The Tune Of $400K
Patriot Journal

Southern state leaders and lawmakers have been frustrated with the Biden administration’s apparent refusal to deal with the border crisis. And the situation seems to be getting worse. . . .

Florida Appeals Denial of Injunction Against Biden’s Non-Enforcement Policy

WASHINGTON—The Immigration Reform Law Institute (IRLI) has filed a friend-of-the-court brief in the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals in support of the State of Florida, . . .

Even a Democratic Rep Is Slamming Kamala's 'Politically Safer,' 'Check-the-Box' Border Trip
the Western Journal

Not even some Democrats are impressed.

Wednesday’s headlines that Vice President Kamala Harris was finally making a long-neglected trip to the southern border have already been torched by Texas Republican Sens. Ted Cruz and John Cornyn as destined to miss the worst of the disaster area created by the Biden administration’s immigration policies. . . .

EXCLUSIVE: West Texas Border Sector Set to Break All-Time Apprehension Record

The Del Rio Border Patrol Sector has rarely been on the national radar for illegal immigrant apprehensions. Recently, an influx of Haitian, Venezuelan, and Central American migrants have pushed the sector to the third-highest rank for migrant apprehensions. . . .

Mexican Border City Photojournalist Killed – Third Media Murder in June

At least two suspects are linked to the murder of a crime reporter in the Mexican border city of Acuna, opposite Del Rio, Texas. The murder is the third of its kind in June. . . .

IRLI Targets DHS Power Grab on Alien Employment

WASHINGTON—This week, the Immigration Reform Law Institute (IRLI) filed its reply brief on summary judgment in one of its challenges to Department of Homeland Security (DHS) regulations unlawfully authorizing alien employment in the United States. . . .