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Border Patrol Stopped Chilling Number of People on Terrorist Watchlist at Southern Border in 2021
the Western Journal

Customs and Border Protection data from last year show that the Border Patrol apprehended at least 23 people at the southern border who are on the U.S. terror watchlist.

Fox News’ Bill Melugin, who obtained the CBP data through a Freedom of Information Act request, reported Monday that between Jan. 20 and Dec. 27, 2021, the names of 23 individuals who attempted to come across the border matched individuals on the Terrorist Screening Database. . . .

Mercy Works of Texas Says ‘US Border Guards Need Affirmation’
Nonprofit adds patrol members feel they are hated not only by migrants, but by many Americans
the Epoch Times

Who thinks of showing appreciation to southern U.S. Border Guards as they grapple with a flood of immigrants overwhelming their efforts? . . .

2nd Bus Carrying Illegal Immigrants Arrives Near US Capitol
the Epoch Times

second bus carrying illegal immigrantsfrom Texas arrived in Washington on April 14.

The bus arrived at approximately 4:30 a.m., according to footage captured by Fox News, about 28 hours after the first one. . . .

What did Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson say about Immigration in her Confirmation Hearing?

Despite being on the forefront of many American’s minds in 2022, immigration was sparingly discussed during Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s U.S. Supreme Court confirmation hearing this week. Three immigration-related questions were asked, however, that could shed light on how Judge Jackson would influence immigration policy as a Supreme Court justice. . . .

Texas Officials Say Gov. Abbott's Threat to Bus Immigrants to DC Has Worked: Report
the Western Journal

In the Texas tradition of showdowns, Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott last week told the federal government that he was ready, willing and able to bus every illegal immigrant dropped in a Texas town straight to Washington, D.C. . . .

Texas Has Dropped Off the First Busload of Immigrants in DC - Just Steps from the Capitol
the Western Journal

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott announced on April 6 that Texas would be sending willing, undocumented immigrants to Washington, D.C., as a response to the Biden administration’s handling of immigration. . . .

Texas Governor Directs State to Bus or Fly Illegal Immigrants to DC as Title 42 Ends
the Epoch Times

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott on Wednesday said that his government will provide charter buses or flights to transport illegal immigrants released from federal custody into its territory to Washington D.C. . . .

NYT Admits Ending Title 42 Could Mean Up To 18,000 Illegal Border Crossers Per Day

The New York Times recently reported that President Joe Biden’s decision to end the CDC’s public health order, Title 42, could amount to upwards of 18,000 illegal border crossings a day. If this prediction comes true and the administration does nothing to hamper it - the U.S. could be forced to accept over 6.5 million illegal aliens per year. . . .

DHS Giving Cell Phones to Illegal Border Crossers: White House
the Epoch Times

The White House confirmed Wednesday that the administration is giving cell phones to illegal border crossers before releasing them into the United States. . . .

Swing-State Senate Democrats Furious Over Biden Admin Decision on Immigration: 'Unacceptable'
the Western Journal

It’s not just Republicans who are attacking President Joe Biden over his administration’s decision to end Title 42 provisions at the southern border without a strategy to rein in the border crisis. . . .