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Senate Parliamentarian May Decide If Millions of New Immigrants Can Enter US
the Epoch times

Senate Parliamentarian Elizabeth MacDonough has previously knocked down Senate Democrats’ Plan A and Plan B immigration proposals in their draft versions of President Joe Biden’s $3.5 trillion “Build Back Better” spending program. . . .

Fed-Up Del Rio Resident Vent Frustration Over Border Crisis: 'It's the Fault of the President'
the Western Journal

In the Texas city that was ground zero for the latest surge of Haitian illegal immigrants, residents know who to blame.

“I feel that it’s the fault of the president,” one local resident of Del Rio, Texas, told Fox News. . . .

DHS Leak Shows Mayorkas Fears Border Crossings About to Be Higher Than You Can Imagine
the Western Journal

If you think the numbers at the border are bad now — and they are atrocious — wait until COVID-19 restrictions are lifted.

That was the message from the leaked contents of a conversation last week among Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas and DHS officials about the possibility that the provisions of a law that allowed most illegal immigrants to be automatically expelled could be lifted, according to NBC News. . . .

As 1 in 5 arrive in U.S. sick, Dems vote against Covid tests for illegals
Free Press International News Service

One in five illegal immigrants who are crossing the U.S. southern border are showing up sick with an "illness," Department of Homeland Security chief Alejandro Mayorkas revealed. . . .

DHS to Scrap Trump-Era ‘Remain in Mexico’ Program Despite Orders for Reinstatement
the Epoch Times

The Biden administration’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced on Sept. 29 that it intends to issue a new memo scrapping the “Remain in Mexico” immigration program implemented by former President Donald Trump despite a Supreme Court ruling that the program was to be reinstated. . . .

EXCLUSIVE: 40K Haitian Migrants in Mexico Bound for U.S.

Mexican officials estimate more than 40,000 Haitian migrants are currently in that country trying to find a way to reach the U.S. border. . . .

EXCLUSIVE: Biden DHS Instructs Border Patrol to Expand Catch and Release

Internal documents revealed to Breitbart Texas show Border Patrol agents being instructed to cease expelling all migrant family units under the Trump era Title 42 Emergency COVID order. . . .

Democratic Mayor of Border City Turns on Biden: 'It Was Working Under Trump'
the Western Journal

The Democratic mayor of a major Texas border city criticized his own party over the border crisis in recent comments in which he also defended former President Donald Trump’s immigration policies. . . .

Horrors of Child Trafficking, Exploitation Exposed at Texas Border Rally

MCALLEN, Texas — More than one hundred visitors and residents in the Texas border city of McAllen attended a rally and march to the border wall to shed light on the dangers of child trafficking. . . .

POLITICS Photographer Comes Clean, Says He Never Saw Agents Whip Migrants: “I’ve never seen them whip anyone”
Republican Daily

The photographer who took the now viral pictures of the border agents on horseback came clean and debunked some of the claims the left is making. He said the agents never whipped anyone.  . . .