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Showdown: Boehner to reveal conservative immigration 'principals,' conservatives ready to rumble

This could get ugly.

Thursday at 4:30pm in Cambridge, Maryland, Speaker John Boehner will unveil an outline of the party's immigration stance to rank-and-file members that includes “legal status” for millions of illegal immigrants.

Boehner hand-selected members to help lead the discussion, including California Rep. Jeff Denham, the first Republican to endorse the House Democrats' immigration bill.

But as much as Boehner is dreaming of a big, bipartisan immigration deal – senior GOP officials say they are surprised just how much the Ohio Republican is “leaning in...

House GOP leaders back limited path to legal status for illegal immigrants
FOX News

House Republican leaders are giving their support to a limited path to legal status for some illegal immigrants, in a move Democrats said could open the door to a deal on comprehensive immigration legislation.

The position was included in a document released by party leaders during their annual retreat in Maryland. The "standards for immigration reform" document ruled out a special path to citizenship for illegal immigrants.

Instead, it said immigrants living here illegally could remain and live legally if they pass background checks, pay fines and back taxes, learn to speak...

Boehner Releases Immigration Deform Proposal
Red State

Drum roll…..the long awaited GOP principles on illegal immigration were presented today to the House GOP Conference at their annual [aptly-named] retreat. Sorry to disappoint you but there is nothing new under the sun. Their framework is a mirror image of the Senate “Gang of 8” bill, albeit cloaked in even more deceptive and disingenuous language in order to distract conservatives with shiny objects. Let’s go through some of the text:

After proposing broad amnesty, the document says that” none of this can happen before specific enforcement triggers have been implemented.” That...
EXCLUSIVE - Sessions: House Leadership Immigration Push Could Imperil GOP in 2014

Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) said Sunday evening during an exclusive appearance on Breitbart News Sunday with Stephen K. Bannon that House GOP leadership’s push to grant amnesty to America’s illegal aliens this year could jeopardize Republicans in the 2014 elections.

“A poll just showed that just 3 percent of Americans consider immigration a top priority," Sessions said. "So now we’re going to take an issue that divides the Republicans, that is not good for working Americans, and we’re going to alter the definition of this election from an overreaching central government and...

Woof woof: Portland police dog sniffs out $1.5 million in meth

A Portland police dog has been credited with sniffing out 31 pounds of meth worth nearly $1.5 million during a routine traffic stop late last week on Interstate 84, the Portland Police Bureau reported....

Two occupants of the car were released by police, who then arrested 36-year-old Nestor Catarino Zazueta-Valenzuela, 36.

Bloomberg: Immigration reform key to GOP future

WASHINGTON (AP) — Former New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg said Friday that a Republican Party that ignores the nation's Hispanics and balks at immigration overhaul does so at its political peril as Republicans pressured the House GOP to act this year....

While the document has given new hope to immigration proponents, opposition still remains strong in the House, where many Republicans fear granting amnesty to those here illegally, worry about the political fallout in their districts and oppose giving President Barack Obama a long-sought legislative victory....

House Republicans to Offer Broad Immigration Plan
New York Times

WASHINGTON — House Republicans are preparing to unveil their own broad template for overhauling the nation’s immigration system this week, potentially offering a small opening for President Obama and congressional Democrats to pass bipartisan legislation before the end of the year.

Speaker John A. Boehner of Ohio and other Republican leaders are expected to release a one-page statement of immigration principles this week at their annual retreat in Cambridge, Md., according to aides with knowledge of the plan. The document is expected to call for border security and enforcement...

Man who tried to sexually assault little girl to spend 1 year in prison

PORTLAND, Ore. - The man who broke into a North Portland home and tried to sexually assault a six-year-old girl will spend just over a year in prison.

Pedro Santiago Machi-Menchu was sentenced by a Multnomah County judge Tuesday.

The mother of his victim is somewhat satisfied with the sentence but believes he should spend more time behind bars.

"I think he needs to do a little longer," said Amber Hurst. "It could have went further than what it did if someone hadn't woke up."

Hurst refers to the night her daughter almost became a victim. Machi-Menchu found his...

Oregon's unlicensed, uninsured driving rates almost unchanged since 2008 law tightening identification requirements

The rate of Oregon drivers who are unlicensed and uninsured remains largely unchanged since a 2008 law tightened identification requirements to obtain driver's licenses, a state report shows.

The Oregon Department of Transportation report comes months before voters in November will decide whether to grant driving privileges to Oregonians who can't prove their legal presence. The Legislature last year approved offering four-year driver cards, but opponents successfully referred the issue to voters....

It found that the rate of unlicensed, uninsured drivers declined by 0.14...

Half a Million Employers Now Enrolled in E-Verify
US Citizenship and Immigration Services

“E-Verify is largely voluntary, so the fact that we now have half a million employers enrolled shows significant confidence in the program."

USCIS (a branch of DHS) says:  “In the past decade, E-Verify participation has increased 400 percent. E-Verify is now used nationwide at more than 1.5 million hiring sites, with more than 1,400 new employers joining each week. Additionally, E-Verify is one of the federal government’s highest-rated services for customer satisfaction.”

There is a searchable database of employers using E-Verify at