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Legislators predict the year's top stories in politics
Statesman Journal

What will be the biggest political story in Oregon in 2014? Lawmakers and political candidates share their predictions.

Rep. Vicki Berger, R-Salem: Marijuana legalization is Berger’s prediction for the biggest political story in 2014. Supporters of legalizing recreational usage of the drug have been gathering signatures to put the idea to voters in November, and Sen. Floyd Prozanski, D-Eugene, announced plans to pass a referral on legalization during the 2014 Legislative session.

“I think it’s coming at us like a freight train,” Berger said. “I don’t think that the...

Officers in Eastern Oregon arrest masked man on Interstate 84

BOARDMAN, Ore. — Law enforcement officers in northeastern Oregon say they chased and eventually arrested a masked man who had been reported swerving in and out of traffic on Interstate 84.

Morrow County Undersheriff Steven Myren says law enforcement cars tried to stop westbound blue SUV on Tuesday afternoon...

Spike strips that flattened the vehicle's two front tires eventually ended the chase.

...Officers found a loaded handgun on the passenger seat, a machete...

Adolfo Mendez Lopez - ICE HOLD

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Oregon laws on driving, teen tanning, medical marijuana, others take effect Jan. 1

Hundreds of new laws passed by the Oregon Legislature on driving, teen tanning, animals and other issues go into effect Jan. 1, 2014.... new law that is not going into effect as scheduled Jan. 1:

Driver cards: The new law would have allowed Oregonians who can’t prove their legal presence to obtain four-year driving privileges. Opponents gathered enough signatures to refer the issue to voters on the November 2014 ballot. DMV subsequently suspended implementation of the program.



Obama Deportations Definitely Not Record-Breaking
Center for Immigration Studies

In its first four years the Obama administration deported 3.2 million aliens, averaging just over 800,000 per year. Pro-amnesty advocacy groups, administration officials, lawmakers, and lazy reporters all have claimed this is a record, but it is not. In fact, according to historical DHS statistics, this is the lowest total and annual average since the mid-1970s.

Bloomberg News reporter Bill Selway wrote this last week:

The ordinances come as Obama's administration has faced pressure from Democratic lawmakers and Hispanic backers to scale back deportations, which hit a...

Medford man charged with heroin, cocaine possession
Mail Tribune

A Medford man was arrested Tuesday on heroin- and cocaine-related charges by local drug enforcement officers, authorities said.

Medford Area Drug and Gang Enforcement police arrested Zeus Apolo Guzman-Aguilar, 36, of the 1200 block of Bens Lane, after conducting a raid at a residence in the 3300 block of Table Rock Road, said a MADGE news release.

According to court records, Guzman-Aguilar lives on Bens Lane in Medford, but he is being considered an illegal immigrant, according to Jackson County Jail records.

The raid netted 2 ounces of cocaine, 1 ounce of heroin and...

Forest Grove fatal crash: Mother of girls killed takes guilty plea from driver's boyfriend as apology

...18-year-old Cinthya Garcia-Cisneros.... had driven through a leaf pile minutes earlier, she’d struck some children....driving her boyfriend’s mother's Nissan Pathfinder that evening. Her boyfriend, Mario Echeverria, 18, and Garcia-Cisneros' younger brother were also in the vehicle.

After they examined the vehicle with a flashlight, they drove it to Echeverria’s mother’s home in Cornelius. Then the three went out for ice cream.

The next day, Echeverria took the SUV to a Hillsboro car wash, where he paid for the deluxe wash that included undercarriage cleaning....

Massive marijuana grow in eastern Oregon forest nets guilty verdicts for defendant

A 34-year-old man was found guilty by a federal jury in Portland on Monday in connection with a massive marijuana growing operation that covered a mile-and-a-half stretch in eastern Oregon's Wallowa Whitman National Forest.

Fredy Figueroa-Montes was the only one of six defendants to choose to go to trial for what is believed to be the largest marijuana grow ever found in Oregon, according to the U.S. Attorney's Office....

....Authorities discovered more than 91,000 plants in the marijuana grow. The defendants had torn out trees and underbrush to develop several pods of...

Car crashes into telephone pole after missing corner on SW Scholls Ferry Road, driver arrested for DUII

...At about 4:42 a.m. Dec. 14, Raymundo Jimenez-Saucedo was heading west towards Hillsboro after drinking at a bar in Portland, according to authorities. Sgt. Vance Stimler said the Sheriff's Office used the name Jimenez-Saucedo had registered with the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Jimenez-Saucedo missed a corner on SW Scholls Ferry Road near Military Lane in his car and took out a sign warning of the sharp corner. After sliding 219 feet in the mud on the shoulder of the road, the car hit a telephone pole, tearing off the rear axle of the car, the release states. The car slid...

Pelosi calls for Obama to halt deportations
The Washington Times

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi privately has urged the Obama administration to halt deportations for some illegal immigrants...

In an interview with Telemundo over the weekend, Mrs. Pelosi said that just being in the country illegally is not enough of a reason to be deported, and she said illegal immigrants must have something more serious on their records.

“Our view of the law is that it — if somebody is here without sufficient documentation, that is not reason for deportation,” she said in the interview... “If somebody has broken the law, committed a felony or...

Boehner’s Crocodile Tears for Amnesty
Red State

...Speaker Boehner’s crocodile tears in his attacks and cries against the conservative movement are really about the next fight. Speaker Boehner intends to pursue immigration reform, with an amnesty component. Before he gets there, he needs to shape battle lines.

There are a number of fence sitters on the right. Speaker Boehner needs them on his team. By castigating the conservative movement now and making them the unpopular crowd, the Speaker and Republican leaders intend to draw the fence sitters to them. Once they have done so, they can move on to a primary season where they...