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Border Patrol Training Videos Say to "Hide", "Run Away" in Active Shooter Situations
Center for Immigration Studies

The National Border Patrol Council Local 2544 in Tucson, Ariz., is just a little angry. Local 2544, which is the largest Border Patrol union local with over 3,300 dues-paying members, tags itself as "the real border security experts". What are they angry about? Apparently, the current administration's Department of Homeland Security (DHS) senior officials have created what agents call "virtual brainwashing videos". Their website states that Border Patrol agents have been forced to take a virtual learning course on "active shooters" where the bottom line is that if they encounter an active...

Number of Illegal Alien Minors Crossing Border Alone Continues to Grow

According to recently released U.S. Customs & Border Protection (CBP) figures, 15,590 unaccompanied illegal alien minors have crossed the border so far this fiscal year. (MSNBC, July 3, 2012) The CBP defines unaccompanied illegal alien minors as those under the age of 18 who are traveling without their parents or guardians. (Id.) This figure marks a significant increase over the past two years. Over the same time period in 2011, the number of unaccompanied illegal alien minors was 10,776; and in 2010, it was 13,267. (Id.) In fact, during 2011 alone, the total number of unaccompanied...

California Considers Illegal Alien Sanctuary Law for Entire State!
Assemblyman: California Can't Afford to be Another Arizona
Federation for American Immigration Reform

Despite mounting budget woes, California lawmakers continue to invite illegal immigration by dolling out benefits to, and creating a safe haven for, illegal aliens. Their latest goal is to become the "anti-Arizona" state by passing laws to further prevent the enforcement of U.S. immigration laws.

A bill awaiting final passage by the Assembly, AB 1081, prohibits California law enforcement from complying with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) requests to hold suspected illegal aliens. Law enforcement is barred from holding an arrested illegal alien for ICE unless they...

22 charged in multi-state scheme to obtain real driver's licenses with fraudulent documents
U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)

NEWARK, N.J. — Twenty-two individuals were charged and arrests were made in six states Wednesday in connection with an alleged scheme to fraudulently obtain driver's licenses for illegal aliens and other ineligible individuals, New Jersey U.S. Attorney Paul J. Fishman announced.

The investigation was conducted by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement's (ICE) Homeland Security Investigations (HSI), Document and Benefit Task Force; FBI; Department of Homeland Security Office of Inspector General; U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS); New Jersey Motor Vehicle...

A sense of place
Ashland woman, herself 'illegal,' works for rights of immigrants
Ashland Daily Tidings

Diana Banda didn't begin to grasp the plight of her status as a United States citizen until entering high school.

Banda's family, whom she wished to keep anonymous, immigrated to Southern Oregon from Mexico City when Banda was 3, she says, settling in Ashland because acquaintances and family lived nearby.

"Growing up, some things were always different, but I started to realize I was in a unique situation going into my sophomore year," says Banda, 22.

Last year, when Banda made the decision to come out of the shadows as an undocumented illegal alien, her parents were...

Driver who struck children's author John Dashney pleads not guilty
Statesman Journal

The driver who struck a visually impaired children's author and later told police that she had smoked marijuana before the crash pleaded not guilty on two charges in in Marion County Circuit Court on Friday.

On May 29, Rose Litherland, 58, was driving north on 17th Street NE when she hit John Dashney, 70, who was walking in a marked crosswalk at Chemeketa Street NE.

Litherland later told police that she had smoked marijuana an hour before the crash and still could feel the effects. Litherland has been charged with DUI and second-degree assault.

Oregon's DMV records...

Heavily-armed Texas gunboats now patrol Rio Grande
KHOU 11 News

SOUTH TEXAS -- Ask Kyle McCarty where he worked just a few months ago and he’ll tell you about patrolling the roads around Odessa as a state trooper.

"Yes, sir," says McCarty, an affable young man with a Texas twang just two years into his career with the Department of Public Safety. "Just regular road crew, black and white."

Today, he’s patrolling a place utterly unlike the highways of the Texas Panhandle, piloting an armored gunboat bristling with automatic weapons around the Rio Grande, watching out for drug runners.

Call him one of the new cops on the border beat...

Governor's policy puts drivers at risk
Statesman Journal, Salem OR

Gov. John Kitzhaber’s proclamation dated May 1 revealed his office would work for the issuance of Oregon driver’s licenses to undocumented foreign nationals in conjunction with his directive requiring the Oregon State Police to accept Mexican matricula consular cards as identification at traffic stops. Those actions pose an unacceptable public safety risk to Oregonians.

During the past six years, far too many Oregon residents within a 70-mile radius of Salem have lost their lives to illegal aliens driving under the influence.

Judyth Anne Cox, 66, of Newberg — a wife and...

Police arrest woman who was carrying cash
The Tribune

The Medford Area Drug and Gang Enforcement team said it seized more than $22,000 in cash Tuesday that is believed to be proceeds from drug sales.

MADGE Lt. Brett Johnson said the cash was intercepted on a bus traveling south to California.

The case came together through a tip. MADGE assisted Immigration and Customs Enforcement and Department of Homeland Security investigators, Johnson said.  "We don't often get the money as it's heading south," he said.

Investigators contacted Marisol Resendiz-Pineda, 27, on the bus and found her in possession of $22,136 in cash....

Maryland's High Court Upholds DREAM Act Referendum
FAIR - Federation for american Immigration Reform

In a brief order handed down Wednesday, the Maryland Court of Appeals upheld a November referendum that could overturn the Maryland DREAM Act. (See Maryland Court of Appeals Order No. 131, June 13, 2012; see also Washington Post, June 13, 2012)

The DREAM Act — which allows illegal aliens who attended three years of high school in Maryland to receive in-state tuition at Maryland colleges and universities — was signed into law by Gov. Martin O'Malley last year. (SB 167)

Although Maryland residents subsequently obtained enough signatures for a referendum on this November's...