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Oregon lawmakers skirmish over ballot measure on drivers licenses for illegal immigrants
The Register Guard

Oregon lawmakers are considering a bill that would rewrite the ballot title for the November referendum on short-term drivers’ licenses for illegal immigrants.

The current ballot title, drafted by the state Department of Justice, reads: “Provides Oregon resident ‘driver card’ without requiring proof of legal presence in the United States.” That title is currently being reviewed by the Oregon Supreme Court.

Under an amendment to House Bill 4054 introduced and adopted this morning, the reference to “proof of legal presence” would be dropped from the title. The new title would...

Driver card referendum: House panel advances bill to rewrite ballot title


....Lawmakers propose to change the ballot title to "Establishes limited purpose, duration driver card for individuals who prove Oregon residency, meet driving requirements."

The title would emphasize residency requirements and remove the reference to "legal presence" in the current version of the title: "Provides Oregon resident 'driver card' without requiring proof of legal presence in the United States."

...The bill would also rewrite the summary of the measure and the effects of a yes or no vote.

..."In my view, using the 'proof of legal presence...

Umatilla man jailed for rape
East Oregonian

UMATILLA — A Umatilla man faces charges of first-degree rape and assault constituting domestic violence.

Juan Garcia Torres, 50, of 1601 Third St., Umatilla, pleaded not guilty to the initial charges Monday. Umatilla County sheriff’s deputies arrested Torres after a woman Saturday came to the Hermiston Police Department and accused him of harming her. According to police records, the woman had a black eye.

Circuit Judge Dan Hill in Hermiston set Torres’ bail at $100,000. Torres has another hearing Friday, which would give the Umatilla County District Attorney’s Office time...

Driver card referendum: Oregon Legislature could rewrite ballot title
The Oregonian

SALEM -- The Oregon Legislature could rewrite the title of a contentious measure on the November ballot asking voters whether to grant driver cards to residents who can’t prove they’re in the state legally.

Legislative leaders will likely decide in the next week or so whether to take that step, said Rep. Jessica Vega Pederson, D-Portland, and other sources....

Three groups have challenged the ballot title and other parts of the measure before the Oregon Supreme Court, but legislators may try to step in before their 35-day session ends. Opponents say the Legislature...

World's most powerful drug lord, 'El Chapo' Guzman, captured in Mexico
The Associated Press

MEXICO CITY -- Mexican authorities captured the world's most powerful drug lord in a resort city Saturday after a massive search through the home state of the legendary capo whose global organization is the leading supplier of cocaine to the United States.

Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman, 56, looked pudgy, bowed and much like his wanted photos...

Guzman was arrested by the Mexican marines at 6:40 a.m. in a high-rise condominium fronting the Pacific in Mazatlan....

Mexican Attorney General Jesus Murillo Karam described an operation that took place between Feb. 13 and...

Stabbing of good Samaritan lands Gresham man 5 years in prison

A 45-year-old Gresham man, who stabbed a stranger in the abdomen because the stranger had tried to stop him from assaulting his wife, was sentenced Wednesday to five years in prison...

Haberman jumped in to protect the woman, Maria Rodriguez-Medrano, 40. Nunez-Valdivia stabbed Haberman, then fled. Rodriguez-Medrano also suffered a cut to her hand...

But after his prison term is up, he could face deportation. Immigration officials have placed a hold on him.

Pedro Nunez-Valdivia - ICE hold


Judge tosses lawsuit over driver’s licenses for Dreamers in Nebraska

A federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit challenging the state of Nebraska for denying driver’s licenses to Dreamers who have received temporary authorization to stay and work in the United States.

The plaintiff suing the state is Mayra Saldana, a 24-year-old Dreamer born in Mexico who has been residing in Nebraska since she was 2 years old. Last years, she was authorized by the U.S. government to remain in the U.S. for a renewable two-year period under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. She was also granted a work permit and a Social Security number....

Drugs stashed among bell peppers lead to charges against driver after Sherman County crash
Largest Reported Seizure in Oregon History

...Sheriff’s deputies went out to assist a trucker whose semi-tractor trailer had rolled into a ditch along U.S. 97...

But tow-truck company employees soon alerted police. Hidden among the pallets of bell peppers were bundles of methamphetamine, heroin and cocaine, authorities allege, collectively worth well over $1 million. It's believed to be the largest drug seizure in Oregon history, according to the U.S. Attorney's Office.

The driver, Salvador Martinez-Perez, 53, of Wenatchee, Wash., now faces three counts of possession with intent to distribute methamphetamine, cocaine...

Neb. city prepares to enforce immigration rules

...Fremont officials said that police will start enforcing the measure 30 days after the results of a special city election are certified. Nearly 60 percent of voters decided Tuesday to keep the ordinance, which requires renters to get a $5 permit and swear they have legal permission to live in the U.S.

...Fremont is one of only a handful of cities trying to restrict illegal immigration and, like those other cities, has found itself mired in court fights because of the regulations. City leaders put the ordinance on hold after the 2010 vote while courts reviewed it...

By the numbers - crime statistics

David Olen Cross tracks and reports on illegal alien crimes in Oregon.  He is on the Lars Larson show weekly - usually on Thursday afternoons about 2:45pm with the criminal alien of the week report.

David also tracks the prison and jail populations and prepares detailed reports for those interested in such statistics.  Legislators, law enforcement officers and many others have thanked David for his continued efforts to track and report the often forgotten or overlooked crimes perpetrated by those in our country illegally.

It is important to remember that for nearly every...