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Randy Clark: Border Patrol Suffers Most Line of Duty Deaths in Agency History

In addition to the record-breaking year for migrant apprehensions along the southwest border, the Biden Administration can notch another historical claim in 2021 with 11 Border Patrol agents dying in the line of duty. This number eclipses all records dating back to 1919, when the Department of Labor was responsible for immigration matters. . . .

Trump Blasts the Biden Administration Over Border Crisis, Calls It a 'Disgusting Wreck'
the Western Journal

Former President Donald Trump released a statement Tuesday blasting the Biden administration for its failures regarding the border crisis, calling the border a “disgusting wreck.” . . .

Child Brides’ Arrive in the US Because of Joe Biden’s Chaotic Evacuation From Afghanistan
Gateway Pundit

“We did it, Joe!” – Kamala Harris

Child brides have arrived in the United States because of Joe Biden’s botched withdrawal and frantic evacuation of Afghans. According to the Associated Press, several “much older” Afghan men arrived to Wisconsin with young girls they claimed as “brides.”. . .

Border Wall Supplies Waste Away as Biden Admin Pays to Not Build the Wall

Massive amounts of border wall supplies continue to waste away along the nation’s southern border after the Biden administration has canceled contracts with construction companies selected to build it.

Fox News correspondent Bill Melugin appeared on the network Monday morning and revealed that stockpiles of steel beams were left near the U.S.-Mexico border in south Texas. . . .

Arrests of Deported Sex Offenders, Criminal Aliens Up 300 Percent Along Border
The number of arrests of deported sex offenders, felons, and gang members continues to spike in multiple sectors along the U.S.-Mexico Border. Recent cases incl

rrests of criminal migrants who illegally re-enter the U.S. jumped from 2,438 in FY 2020 to 9,728 through the end of August 2021. This represents an increase of nearly 300 percent with the September numbers still unreported. . . .

COVID Migrants Get a Pass and Head Into U.S

The U.S.-Mexico border remains officially closed to non-essential traffic. But that’s not stopping asylum seekers from pushing on and, in some cases, bringing COVID-19 with them. . . .

Poll: Only 11 Percent ‘Strongly Approve’ of Joe Biden’s Handling of Immigration

Only 11 percent of Americans strongly support President Joe Biden’s easy-migration, pro-amnesty immigration policies, according to a Morning Consult poll. . . .

Exclusive— Victor Davis Hanson: ‘Open Borders,’ ‘Globalism,’ ‘Tribalism’ Are Reminiscent of Rome’s Collapse

Borders, language, and culture are essential for national continuity, Hanson stated in an interview on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily with host Alex Marlow.

He remarked, “Every nation that has survived has had borders that were defensible and clear, and the idea was that they have their own space to inculcate their language or traditions or customs, then enhance their constitution. Without that, it’s just short of a migratory, 5th century A.D. Rome where people come across the Danube River and destroy the nation-state.” . . .