Primary election in Congressional District 1 - Update

May 2, 2014

Jason Yates is a True Immigration Reformer

Updating the report on candidates’ positions on immigration, we are happy to announce that Jason Yates is now rated a True Immigration Reformer, having completed and returned the detailed questionnaire of NumbersUSA on immigration issues.
He said Yes to opposing amnesty, attrition through enforcement, mandating E-Verify, assisting local police, defunding sanctuary cities, funding entry/exit system, border security, ending birthright citizenship, ending chain migration, ending visa lotteries, and reducing total immigration.
Please take a look at the candidate comparison for Bonamici, Morgan, and Yates at NumbersUSA’s website:  Click on Candidate Comparisons in the right-column menu, then on Oregon, then on 2014 Oregon 01st Congressional District.
We encourage OFIR members to contact legislative candidates, express your views, give them information on immigration issues, and urge their support for strong enforcement against illegal immigration and for reductions in legal immigration.  If you can help good candidates financially or with your time and energy in campaign tasks, please do so.
Jason Yates’ website: