Governor and Legislative Candidates Who Support YES on Measure 105

Measure 105 would repeal Oregon’s sanctuary for illegal aliens law, ORS 181A.820

September 19, 2018

Candidates listed without an asterisk have specifically stated support for Measure 105.

Candidates listed with an asterisk are being credited with support for Measure 105 because they were in the Legislature in 2017 and voted NO on HB 3464, the Privacy for illegal aliens bill that further hampers cooperation between local law enforcement and federal immigration authorities.  HB 3464 was filed on behalf of Gov. Kate Brown and Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum.  It had only one public hearing, on June 8.  On June 20, the House voted:  35 Yes, all by Democrats, and 23 No, all by Republicans.  The Senate vote, held on July 6, the next-to-last day of the session, was 16 Yes, all by Democrats, and 13 No, all by Republicans.  Two Representatives and one Senator did not vote.

This list is based primarily on the Comparison Chart on Immigration from the 2018 Oregon Abigail Adams Voter Education questionnaire.  If errors or omissions are found here, please alert Oregonians for Immigration Reform at



Knute Buehler (R)    He has announced publicly  he will vote for Measure 105, and he also  voted against HB 3464 in the Legislature.

Aaron Auer (C)



SD 04 – Scott Rohter (R)

SD 10 – Jackie Winters (R)* 

SD 13 – Kim Thatcher (R)

SD 19 – David Poulson (R)

SD 20 – Alan Olson (R)*



HD 01 – David Brock Smith (R) *

HD 02 – David Lief (R)

HD 03 – Carl Wilson (R)*

HD 04 – Duane Stark (R)*

HD 05 – Sandra Abercrombie (R)

HD 07 – Cedric Hayden (R)*

HD 10 – Thomas Donahue (R)

HD 15 – Shelly B. David (R)

HD 17 – Sherrie Sprenger (R)*

HD 18 – Rick Lewis (R)

HD 21 – Jack Esp (R)

HD 22 – Marty Heyen (R)

HD 23 – Mike Nearman (R) (a sponsor of Measure 105)

HD 24 – Ron Noble (R)*

HD 29 – David Molina (R)

HD 30 – Dorothy Merritt (R)

HD 31 – Brian G. Stout (R)

HD 33 – Elizabeth Reye (R)

HD 34 – Michael Ngo (R)

HD 35 – Bob Niemeyer (R)

HD 37 – Julie Parrish (R)*

HD 48 – Sonny Yellott (R) (implied from 2016 candidacy)

HD 55 – Mike McLane (R)*

HD 56 – E. Werner Reschke (R)

HD 57 – Greg Smith (R)*

HD 58 – Greg Barreto (R) (a sponsor of Measure 105)