Oregon Primary Election – May 17, 2016
Candidates for Governor of Oregon
There are 13 candidates for Governor of Oregon, 6 Democrats, 2 Independent Party candidates, and 4 Republicans. Some candidates do not mention immigration on their campaign websites and did not reply to the Oregon Abigail Adams Voter Education Project survey.  In that case, we can assume the candidate lacks knowledge about immigration, is indifferent to it, or does not want to reveal his/her views on the subject, all of which are, in OFIR's opinion, major flaws in the candidate.
As of May 8, all Republican Party candidates for Governor except Allen Alley, both Independent Party candidates, and 4 Democratic Party candidates have replied to the Oregon Abigail Adams Voter Education Project Survey, which included these questions on immigration policy:
19. Do you support restricting the “emergency clause” in legislation as true emergencies?
22. Do you support a constitutional amendment to require proof of U.S. citizenship to register to vote in Oregon?
36. Do you support requiring all Oregon employers to use the federal E-Verify system to determine the employee’s work eligibility status?
42. How would you propose screening war refugees to prevent potential terrorists from entering Oregon with them? 
You can see their answers by visiting the AAVEP website at: Scroll down past the federal candidates to the section on Governor.  The candidates who replied to the questionnaire will have, in a column beside their name, the word “Answers.”  You can click on “Answers and scan the list of questions and answers for that particular candidate.  Scroll down the list of questions to see the candidate’s answers to questions no. 19, 22, 36 and 42.  Along with answers to questions, the website gives the candidate’s website and email addresses.
There is a Candidate Comparison Grid for governor candidates at:  You can use this to see all candidates' replies on one chart except for answers to question 42 which required a narrative reply.
Bud Pierce: 19, Yes.  22. Yes. “Documentation of proof must be easy to do and hassle free.” 36. Yes. “In context of ‘complete’ immigration reform, and system MUST BE accurate, quick, and easy to use!”  42.“With homelessness in Oregon, and so many of our citizens suffering, we do not have the resources to accept refugees; we must first care for the many Oregonians who lack shelter, education and training, treatment of their mental illnesses, and help them to achieve the dignity of a work. If the Federal Government sends refugees to Oregon, we must collaboratively work with local, state, and federal law enforcement to ensure that everything possible has been done to exclude terrorists from entering Oregon.” 
Bruce Cuff: 19, Yes.  22, Yes.  36, Yes.   42. “If the Federal Government does not screen them appropriately we will need to develop our own methods using State Police resources to insure anyone settling in Oregon is not a terrorist, or supporting terrorist causes.”
Bob Niemeyer: 19, Yes. “Crying”.  22, Yes. “We have far too many people looking for handouts.”  36. Yes. “Just hope the system has not been corrupted.”  42. “It is not Oregon's job to screen. The Federal Government is not doing what they are suppose to do to protect Americans by screening or vetting the refuges. The refuges should not be allowed to come to Oregon. Period.”
Bob Forthan:  19, Decline.  22, No. “It’s not the American way of life.”  36, No. “Never!” 42.  “I feel you can’t, then you would be judge, jury, and executioner.”
The News-Register report on the April 14 candidate forum in McMinnville included these candidate statements on resettlement of Syrian refugees:
Pierce said handling refugees used to be a private matter. He said the federal government didn’t seize control until the end of World War II.  While he said it is now a federal matter, it was his opinion that Oregon could not handle any more right now.  “The plight of the true refugees is God-awful,” Pierce said. “My heart goes out to them. But we can’t afford them.”
Alley said the plight of the refugees was close to his heart, as three of his grandparents were immigrants. “My heart bleeds for them,” he said. “But our number one priority is the safety of the people here,” he said.
Both Independent Party candidates sent answers to the OAAVEP survey. 
Patrick Barney: 19, Yes.  22, Yes.  36, Yes.  42. No reply.
Cliff Thomason: 19, Yes. 22, Yes.  36, Yes.  42. “No need for screening. We just need to say no, we can't afford to take on more. We have tens of thousands of Oregonians out of work and/or homeless. We are over 20 billion dollars in debt. We can't afford more displaced people coming to Oregon.”
Incumbent Governor Kate Brown did not reply to the OAAVEP survey.  Her campaign website at does not mention immigration and lists as an accomplishment she is proud of, the universal voter registration bill which makes voting by illegal aliens more likely. Brown served in the Oregon House of Representatives from 1991 to 1996, then was elected to the Oregon Senate, serving there until elected Secretary of State in 2008 and reelected in 2012.  She became Governor automatically upon the resignation of then-Governor Kitzhaber in February 2015, and now seeks election to the office.
          While in the Senate, in 2003 she sponsored SB 10 granting instate tuition to illegal aliens, which passed the Senate but not the House.  In 2007 she voted for SB 424, a bill which had been gutted of the original text and filled with a prohibition against “state agency or program from expending funds to implement Real ID Act of 2005 unless federal funds are received by state to cover estimated costs and certain other conditions are met by Dept. of Transportation.”  In 2008 she voted against SB 1080 requiring proof of citizenship to obtain driver license.  In 2015, HB 2177, the universal voter registration bill, which makes voting by illegal aliens more likely, was introduced in the State Legislature at the request of Secretary of State Kate Brown.
Democratic Party candidate Kevin M. Forsythe did not reply to the OAAVEP survey and has no website.  
These Democratic Party candidates did reply:
Julian Bell:  19, Yes. “Yes, although the exact definition of ‘emergency clause’ is critical.  22, No.  “No, I think that this, in some cases, prevents legitimate voters from voting.”  36, Decline. “I don't know a lot about this issue, but I think a verification system for employees is probably valid.” 42. “Use the Mossad system that the Israelis use to look for terrorists who might bomb a plane in an Israeli airport: starting with asking an individual if s/he is a terrorist. I don't think that any screening will exclude all terrorists anyway. I think removing troops from the Middle East and rearranging our priorities in the Middle East will protect us from terrorism. This includes ending the U.S.'s dependency on fossil fuels as our main source of energy. It is also worth noting that there are more deaths in the U.S.A from domestic terrorists than international ones, including 9/11.” 
Steve Johnson:  19, Yes.  22, Yes.  36.Yes.  42. “The concern of potential terrorists coming in with refugees is a possibility. The concern of potential homegrown terrorists is by far the more likely probability. I am comfortable with the system in place for screening war refugees. We should resist the temptation to see a terrorist behind every strange face. The aim of terrorism is to scare people into a fearful, blubbering, humanity. Do not let them. Yes I am saying, accept these people who had, but now, do not have, a country. In another context, FDR said, ‘The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself’”.
Chet Chance:  19, Decline. “I need to do more research in order to make an informed answer.” 22, Yes.  “I feel in order to participate in the political theater one has to be a citizen of the US and the state in which one resides.” 36, Yes. “In doing this we can protect our jobs for Oregonians.” 42. “We already have a good (not great) system at the federal level. But I would try to detain said refuges at the time of entrance until positive identification and background can be obtained.”
Dave Stauffer:  19, Decline.  22, Decline.  36, No.  42. No reply.
Candidates’ own websites are a useful source of information; the absence or presence of statements on immigration can be significant.  Here are website addresses for governor candidates:
Republican Party candidates for governor
Allen Alley –
Bruce Cuff –
Bud Pierce –
Bob Niemeyer –
Bob Forthan – no website
Democratic Party candidates for governor
Kevin Forsythe – no website
Steve Johnson –
Independent Party candidates for governor
Cliff Thomason –