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  • Operate a vigorous campaign to defeat pro-illegal alien legislators in 2018. This is OFIRs #1 goal. OFIR is planning to target specific districts and educate voters about their legislator's efforts to legitimize and provide even more benefits to illegal aliens.
  • Generate automated phone calls to target districts of key legislators and voters (a very effective tool during legislative sessions and elections).
  • Update the OFIR website and expand OFIR's online presence (a generous donor has helped)
  • Pay for postage, printing brochures, letterhead, envelopes, meeting room rental, etc.
  • Accounting fees (Oregon PAC and IRS 503(c)(4) accounts).
  • Maintain the billboard campaign (generous donors have helped)
  • Attend conferences and cover travel expenses for volunteer Board members to participate in political events and speaking engagements (this is how OFIR networks).

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Please note:

OFIR - Oregonians for Immigration Reform is designated a 501(c)(4) organization under IRS rules.  Contributions of any amount made to OFIR are appreciated greatly but, are not tax-deductibleChecks can be written to OFIR, or donations can be made here on the OFIR website.

OFIR Political Action Committee (PAC) will also accept donations of any amount.  The State of Oregon allows an annual tax credit of up to $50 for a single person or $100 for a couple filing jointly, for donations to state-registered political groups. OFIR PAC is an approved political group.  The tax credit can be applied to the amount you owe in Oregon income tax.   Checks must be written to OFIR PAC, or donations can be made here on the OFIR website.  A letter or email of acknowledgement of your contribution will be sent to you for your files.

Due to a recent change in Oregon law, individuals with adjusted gross income over $100,000 or joint filers with combined income exceeding $200,000 no longer qualify for the Political Tax Credit. For full details about the Political Tax Credit, see pages 102-103 of this document:

OFIR appreciates your contributions to the work we do to STOP illegal immigration in Oregon and across the country!

PAC donation checks may be sent to:

PO Box 7354
Salem, OR 97303

You can click on the following button to donate with secure Paypal:

100% of your donation is put to the cause of Immigration Reform. A yearly financial report is on file with the Oregon Dept. of Justice. Thank you.

If you are on a fixed income, or can't afford to contribute, please don't. It's possible that you can help in some other way.

Do you have access to a computer or phone and a little free time? Contact OFIR to find out other ways you can help.

OFIR is all sinew, muscle & bone. I am so impressed with what you have PREVENTED, AMELIORATED AND FIXED against all odds to date. -- J.C.