House District 26

House District 26 (Sherwood, Wilsonville, King City, et al)

There are 3 candidates in the primary, 2 Republicans and 1 Democrat.  The Republicans are incumbent Rep. A. Richard Vial and challenger Dan Laschober.  The Democrat is Ryan Spiker.  As of April  20, none of the three had replied to the Oregon Abigail Adams Voter Education Project survey.

The Republican challenger to incumbent Rep. Vial, Dan Laschober, spoke at OFIR’s April meeting, emphasizing how important the “rule of law” is to America and why our immigration laws should be enforced. 

Rep. Vial is completing his first term as a legislator and seeks re-election.  In July 2018 he was the only Republican in the Oregon House to vote in favor of HB 4111.  HB 4111 gives an Oregon driver license to certain illegal aliens.  Despite the fact that in 2014 Oregon voters overwhelmingly voted against giving driver cards to illegal aliens, in the 2018 session of the Legislature, Vial voted, along with all Democrats, for doing just that.   

Earlier in the session, he had voted with most other Republicans against HB 3464, Privacy for illegal aliens, which protects aliens from questions about their immigration status.  Also he voted against SB 558, “Cover All Kids,” which extended publicly financed health care to illegal alien children, and against SB 229, “relating to elections,” a bill that changes the process for initiatives, enabling the Legislature to control the timing of initiatives, the ballot title and other features that take power away from voters and centralize it in the hands of legislative leadership.

Websites of the candidates for Oregon House District 26:

Daniel Laschober (R) –

A. Richard Vial (R) -

Ryan Spiker (D) –  He is the only Democratic candidate, thus is expected to be the party’s nominee in the November general election.