House District 06

General Election, November 8, 2016
Oregon House District 6, Medford
There are only two candidates in this race, the incumbent, Representative Sal C. Esquivel, Republican, and the Democratic Party candidate, Philip M. Moran.
1.  Sal Esquivel (R), of Medford.  In 2003 Sal Esquivel was chosen to represent Senate District 3 upon the retirement of then-Senator Len Hannon.  A House seat became open in 2004; Esquivel was nominated, won the seat, and has served continuously since 2005. A detailed biography of him can be viewed on his legislative website.
Esquivel has been a steady friend of OFIR and its objectives.  He was a sponsor of the Referendum on driver licenses for illegal aliens.  The bill, SB 833, giving driver licenses to illegal aliens, had been passed by the Legislature.  Sal Esquivel joined in OFIR’s efforts to overturn the bill, which were successful in the General Election of 2014.  He has also sponsored other initiatives advocated by OFIR.  
His campaign website contains a Hot Topics section with statements on “Tuition Equity” and “Licenses for Illegals.”   In the 2015 session of the Legislature, he voted against SB 932, Opportunity grants for illegal aliens, which gives public funds to illegal aliens for enrollment in Oregon colleges.  He also voted against HB 2177, the Universal voter registration bill which makes voting by illegal aliens much more likely.   In earlier sessions, he also voted against bills extending benefits to illegal aliens.
Campaign email address:, or click “Contact” on his website.
2. Philip M. Moran (D) of Medford.  Moran is a retired police officer.  He served as Chief of Police for Talent, Oregon, from 2009-2016.  He had previously served, from 1977-2006 as a Medford police officer.
His campaign website has little specific information on issues, and there is no mention of immigration. The site carries a general statement:  “He is a champion for education, public safety and transportation.”
His views on immigration are unknown; no evidence was found that he has any thoughts on immigration issues.
Campaign email address:, or click “Contact”on his website.