Oregon Senate District 12

Oregon General Election – November 8, 2016
Oregon Senate District 12
There are only 2 candidates in this race, one Democrat and one Republican.
1. The Republican candidate is incumbent Senator Brian Boquist, of Dallas, first elected to the Senate for the 2009 Session.  He came from the House, where he had been a Representative from House District 24 in the 2005 and 2007 Sessions.
He is a native Oregonian with degrees from Western Oregon State College and Oregon State University. He served 34 years in the military as a Special Forces Officer, attaining the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. He has worked in several fields including aviation, forestry, ranching, dairy farming, construction.
He has an overall good record for opposing benefits to illegal aliens.  In the 2015 Legislature, he voted NO on SB 932, Opportunity Grants for illegal aliens, also NO on HB 2177, the mandatory voter registration bill which makes voting by illegal aliens more likely.  In 2013, he voted YES on SB 833, the bill granting driver cards to illegal aliens, and NO on HB 2787, instate tuition for illegal aliens.  In 2011, he voted NO on SB 742, granting instate tuition to illegal aliens.  While in the House, in the 2008 special session, he voted YES on SB 1080, requiring proof of citizenship to obtain a driver license.  In the 2007 session, Rep. Boquist was a sponsor of HB 2715, requiring employers to participate in the E-Verify program. However, though OFIR worked hard to advance the bill, it did not receive a Hearing.
Sen. Boquist does not have a campaign website.  Information about him and his work in the Legislature can be seen on his section of the Legislature’s website.
2.  The Democratic Party candidate is Ross Swartzendrucker, of Salem.  He is  a native Oregonian, and is currently self-employed with Black Sheep Advertising Inc.  His occupational background includes ranch hand, Swartzendruber Sheep Station, and Purification process operator, Genetics Institute.  He is a graduate of Boston University with a bachelor’s degree in biology.
His campaign website is at: http://friendsofross.org/.  It lacks specific information on his positions and there is no mention of immigration.  His views on immigration are unknown.  It can be assumed he will follow Democratic Party policy, supporting benefits for illegal aliens and expanded immigration.