Congressional District 2

Oregon Primary Election – May 17, 2016
U.S. House of Representatives Candidates – Congressional District 2
Greg Walden, the incumbent, seeks reelection.  He has served in Congress continuously since 1999.  NumbersUSA grades him F for recent years 2013-2016.  In earlier years, he was more supportive of immigration controls, so his all-career grade is B- . His campaign website is at:  In the section called Meet Greg, some issues that he supports are listed, but there is no mention of immigration.
NumbersUSA’s website contains a complete record of Walden‘s votes on immigration issues from 1999 to date.  Here are some of the 2015 votes – fuller information is on the NumbersUSA website.
He voted for the FY2016 Omnibus Spending bill to increase foreign guest workers.
He voted to grant the President authority to expand immigration levels without Congress' consent via Trade Promotion Authority.
He voted for the FY2016 Omnibus Spending bill to increase refugee resettlement. 
He voted in FAVOR OF funding Executive Amnesties by opposing clean DHS Appropriations bill, H.R. 240. 
He voted in favor of Blackburn Amendment to H.R. 240 to defund Pres. Obama's DACA amnesty. 
He voted in favor of Aderholt Amendment to H.R. 240 to defund Pres. Obama's Nov. 2014 amnesty..
Walden’s opponent in the Republican primary is Paul J. Romero Jr. of Prineville.  Romero is a graduate of Southern Illinois University at Carbondale with bachelor’s degree in Workforce Education & Development.  He was in the Navy for 10 years with honorable service and is currently working as an appliance service technician, refrigeration.  
His website at gives a detailed biography.   In the list of Issues, he includes:  “LAWFUL Immigration & Immigration Reform” and “END Sanctuary Cities”.  Email:
Only one Democrat is running in this district:  He is James A. Crary of Ashland.  Now retired, he formerly worked for British Petroleum and for the Legal Department of Anchorage, Alaska.  He is a graduate of Pacific Lutheran University in Business Administration, and the University of San Diego where he received a doctoral degree in law.  Website:  Email:
In the Issues section of his website, there is this statement on immigration:  “Immigration Reform -- I know that people who came here illegally technically broke the law. But I also know that the reason they came here are the same reasons my ancestors left their homes in Germany, Ireland and Scotland and came to the United States. They came so that they and their children could have a better life. That is hard to fault. If an illegal immigrant has committed a felony or multiple misdemeanors since coming to the U.S. that person should be deported. However, if an illegal immigrant has worked hard and not broken the law then I would allow that person to come out of the shadows, pay a fine and be given a 7 year path to citizenship. As far as stopping this problem from reoccurring I think we need to secure our southern border with a fence.”