Congressional District 1

Oregon Primary Election – May 17, 2016
U.S. House of Representatives Candidates – Congressional District 1
There are three Republicans and two Democrats running for this seat.
The incumbent Representative, seeking reelection, is Suzanne Bonamici of Beaverton.  She has a long and very poor record on immigration issues, starting with her service in the State Legislature and continuing in Congress.  She is rated F- for the current Congress and D- for her career in Congress, 2012-2016, by Numbers USA.  On particular aspects of immigration in the current Congress, she is graded F- on reducing unnecessary worker visas, and also F- on reducing refugee and asylum fraud, and F- on reducing amnesty enticements.  NumbersUSA’s website report links to the particular bills on which she voted and which are the basis for her grades.
Bonamici was first elected to Congress in January 2012 in a special election.  She was re-elected in November 2012 and again in 2014.  She began her legislative career in the Oregon House in 2007 and moved to the Senate in 2009. While in the Oregon Legislature, in 2008 she voted against requiring proof of legal status to obtain a driver license (SB 1080).  In 2011, she voted for the bill to grant in-state tuition to illegal aliens, SB 742.
In the coming primary, she has one Democratic Party opponent, Shabba Woodley of Beaverton.  Mr. Woodley is a native-born Oregonian and lists his occupation as videographer.  He has a website: covering his background and priorities but does not mention immigration.
Delinda Morgan of Gaston is a small business owner and pinot noir grape farmer.  She is a graduate of Yucapia (CA) High School.  Website:   Email address:
She ran in the Republican primary in 2014, losing to Jason Yates who had a True Immigration Reformer rating from NumbersUSA.  During the primary, Tea Party Cheer posted this statement from her concerning immigration:  “Immigration reform.   Securing our borders is necessary and will protect American Citizens and jobs. Electronic verification needs to be implemented nationwide and all illegal immigrants enter a path to residency which will include learning the English language, American traditions and mandatory community service. Felonious illegal immigrants must be deported and are ineligible for American citizenship.”
When she ran in the 2012 General Election as the Republican candidate in Congressional District 1, she replied to the Oregon Abigail Adams questionnaire.  Questions 13 and 14 dealt with immigration, and her answers were:  13.  Do you support requiring all employers to verify employee eligibility to work in the United States? Yes.  14. Do you support spending public funds to benefit illegal immigrants?  No.
Brian J. Heinrich of Dundee is a Sales Representative for businesses and holds an Associate’s degree from Portland Community College.  Website:  His email address is
He replied to the 2016 Abigail Adams questionnaire:  22.  Do you support requiring all employers to verify employee eligibility to work in the United States? Yes.     23.  Do you support securing the borders before any form of amnesty?  Yes.    24.  Do you support spending public funds to benefit illegal immigrants?   No.     25.  Do you support automatic citizenship to children born in the U.S. when both parents are not legal residents?     No.     42.  How would you propose screening war refugees to prevent potential terrorists from entering the country with them?      “Due to the dislike many in the Middle East have for the US, I would be very restrictive on allowing any refugees into this country. Since there is very little if any documentation on these refugees, there is no way to vet them for terrorism. It is a very unfortunate situation.”
Jonathan E. Burgess of Tigard has a Facebook page at  but no other website was found.  His Secretary of State filing paper lists an email address:  His positions on immigration are unknown.