Oregon Legislators Who Voted Aye on SB 833

October 16, 2014
Who voted Aye on SB 833?   This was a critical test for Oregon legislators.
SB 833, the bill granting official driver cards and i.d. to illegal aliens passed the Oregon Legislature on April 30, 2013.  All Democrats in both chambers of the Legislature voted Aye for SB 833,  except Senators Betsy Johnson and Chip Shields and Representative John Lively who did not vote and were reported as Not Voting.
Seven Senate Republicans voted Nay; one did not vote, and 6 voted Aye.  In the House, 20 Republicans voted Nay to SB 833, one did not vote, and 5 voted Aye. 
Many of those who voted Aye are now running for reelection.
The following is a list of those legislators who voted for SB 833 and are now seeking reelection.  Only half of the Senate seats are up for election this year; the other half will be up for election in 2016.
Democratic Senators who voted for SB 833 and now seek reelection:
Bates, Alan (SD-3);
Beyer, Lee (SD-6);
Courtney, Peter (SD-11);
Devlin, Richard (SD-19); unopposed
Dembrow, Michael (SD-23), unopposed; was a Representative in 2013 and voted in the House.
Edwards, Chris (SD-7); unopposed
Monroe, Rod (SD-24); unopposed
Prozanski, Floyd (SD-4);
Steiner Hayward, Elizabeth (SD-17).
Sara Gelser is running for Senate in SD-8 and voted for SB 833 while in House in 2013.
Republican Senator who voted for SB 833 and now seeks reelection:
Thomsen, Chuck (SD-26), a sponsor of SB 833.
Democratic Representatives who voted for SB 833 and now seek reelection:
Barker, Jeff (HD-28); unopposed
Barnhart, Phil (HD-11);
Barton, Brent (HD-40);
Boone, Deborah (HD-32);
Buckley, Peter (HD-5); unopposed
Clem, Brian (HD-21);
Dembrow, Michael (HD-45), now running unopposed for Senate (SD-23);
Doherty, Margaret (HD-35); unopposed
Fagan, Shemia (HD-51);
Frederick, Lew (HD-43); unopposed
Gallegos, Joe (HD-30);
Gelser, Sara (HD-16), now running for Senate (SD-8);
Gomberg, David (HD-10); unopposed
Gorsek, Chris (HD-49); unopposed
Greenlick, Mitch (HD33); unopposed
Holvey, Paul (HD-8); unopposed
Hoyle, Val (HD-14);
Keny-Guyer, Alissa (HD-46); unopposed
Komp, Betty (HD-22);
Kotek, Tina (HD-44);
McKeown, Caddy (HD-9);
Nathanson, Nancy (HD-13);
Read, Tobias (HD-27); unopposed
Reardon, Jeff (HD-48
Vega Pederson, Jessica (HD-47), a sponsor of SB 833; unopposed
Williamson, Jennifer (HD-36); unopposed
Witt, Brad (HD-31); unopposed
Republican Representatives who voted for SB 833 and now seek reelection:
Davis, John (HD-26);
Gilliam, Vic (HD-18), a sponsor of SB 833;
Johnson, Mark (HD-52), a sponsor of SB 833;
Smith, Greg (HD-57); unopposed.
Many of the above Representatives voted also for HB 4054, the bill to change the ballot title of the referendum on SB 833 into a wording favorable to supporters of SB 833.  HB 4054 never reached the Senate.  It passed the House by a vote of 36-24.  
Ayes, 36.  All Democrats voted for HB 4054 except Brent Barton.  Republicans who voted Aye:  Bob Jenson, Vic Gilliam, Greg Smith.  Jenson is not running for reelection.  Both Gilliam and Smith are up for reelection.  For Democrats up for reelection, see list for SB 833; names are the same except for Brent Barton.